Daddy's Boy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

So we visited the Doctor yesterday, and when Joel put Ezra down on the table for the doctor to check him out, she said ' Wow I have seen babies look like their Dads before, but this is just uncanny, I could pick your Daddy out in a crowded room'
She continued to tell us that the reason that babies look like their fathers is so that the Father doesn't kill the baby, from early human days apparently. Joel commented when we got home, how does the Father know the baby looks like him, if they didn't have mirrors or cameras back then. Maybe by their reflection in the pond?

I pulled out Joel's baby pictures, and well it is in fact uncanny, I think anyway, they look like the same baby.

The two above are Joel! Mr Ezra below, I don't have identical pictures of them both, it is easier to see when you see Ezra in person and look at Joel's old baby pics.
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