15 months: Where has my baby gone?

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Once again it seems as if time has flown by, the last thing I was doing was organising his first birthday party, and now we are three months on from that, and time isn't slowing.

Everyday this kid does something that amazes me, sometimes I am excited about it, sometimes I'm so terrified. He has no fear and rushes into everything head first!

This month he has started freely giving Kisses. I must say it is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. I might just be sitting on the couch, he clambers up to sit next to me, and plants a big kiss on my cheek, and then goes off to play again. I have even spotted him kissing his teddies, so, so cute.

He still doesn't sit still, always on the move, always active, and now he is really, really into climbing. Tries to climb fences, and into his pram, and onto the table, into the bath, onto the entertainment unit and up the security door, he will try climb anything. I have to always be vigilant.

Some of my favourite things about right now:
- Laughing and copying things I do, he thinks flicking your hand is hilarious
- Dance parties (his theme song is Some Nights, by Fun)
- He loves to read books, often I will find him just sitting and reading
- Every time he sees a dog, he points and tries so hard to say DOG!
- He's starting to figure things out, it is amazing just to watch

8 comments on "15 months: Where has my baby gone? "
  1. Great pics! I'm in love with this little guy and I have yet to meet him!

  2. He is a little cutie. It's amazing how much they learn and do in their first years :)

  3. What a cutie!
    It is such a nice age isn't it...and it only gets better.
    My little eighteen month old man is just amazing.
    And PS, dogs are still exciting...as are buses and bins and milk and any other thing that they can manage to say!

  4. How gorgeous are those golden lock and piercing blue eyes!

  5. Such precious times!!! Those first time kisses were my favourite times too! Now 13 and 10 years on I still enjoy the ones I get! :)

  6. oh he is so cute!! yup they certainly grow up so fast!


  7. My daughter does dance parties too (she's 2) - it's so cute!

  8. Both our girls have loved the water play table - its perfect for this age!
    PS. If I'm honest, I still love to have a dance party when Some Nights comes on the radio!

    (Catching up on some #FYBF reading late!)