A Sweet Lullaby

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
I put a happy toddler in his bed last night, rubbed his back, told him that I loved him and that I would see him in the morning, gave him a kiss said 'Night, Night', and left the room.

The second the door closed the crying began. First it was quiet whimpers. I thought, that's ok, he will go to sleep in a minute. But he didn't. The cries became louder, and more distressed. I left him for a few minutes, but it became pretty clear that he wasn't going to settle down.

When I entered the room, the screaming got worse. I picked him up, it didn't change. If I dared to even put him back in his bed all hell would break loose.

Joel, like the hands on Dad he is, had heard the cries and had come to help. I passed off the screaming child and quickly exited the room. I thought maybe he was just a little sick of Mum and needed some Dad time. The screaming continued. Joel talked to him, tried to settle him, but no, still screaming.

Then Joel opened his mouth and began to sing, before the first few words were out of his mouth the screaming stopped. Maybe it is all the pregnancy hormones, but I got all emotional. I really was amazed at how much he was instantly comforted by his Dad's singing. He didn't cry again, he lay down in bed, awake, listening, but still and relaxing more moment by moment. Joel kept singing. Finally, he left the room, and I heard no more cries.

Joel has an amazing voice, it relaxes me when he sings. I on the other hand am a terrible singer, Joel has tried to give me lessons but they haven't gone so well. I became a little sad listening to him singing,  because I don't hear him sing as much as I used to when he was playing in bands.

But, then I realised that his gift isn't wasted, not at all, the way that his little boy is so comforted by his voice is truly a beautiful thing. Of course, I would still love for him to have more opportunities to use his musical talents again, but these moments are just so special.

It also makes me so grateful for my husband, who is willing to jump in and help whenever its needed, he loves his little boy so much and their bond is so strong!

Also, in other news!! Stay tuned because we had out 20 week ultrasound yesterday, and we found out the gender of bubba #2, but we still have to get in contact with Joel's family, so I can't reveal just yet!! So exciting!! 

Karen xx 

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12 comments on "A Sweet Lullaby"
  1. That is so sweet!
    I can't sing either...but it doesn't stop me from trying!
    Poor Toddler C is subjected to me singing in the car on a daily basis!

  2. Ah, this post made me teary-eyed! I can just picture Joel singing to Ez... Love it!

  3. Karen what a gorgeous story to tell - that is truly beautiful
    I think we underestimate the power of father's sometimes!
    Can't wait to find out the results of your ultrasound xx

  4. Rachel @ The Kids Are All RighFebruary 8, 2013 at 11:22 AM

    We had a colossal tantrum from our 5 yo last night and in the end it was singing to her and rocking her like a baby that got her to calm down and go to sleep. Children love their parents singing, and I don't think they even care if you're a "good" singer!

  5. Tracey @ Bliss Amongst ChaosFebruary 8, 2013 at 12:01 PM

    What a beautiful post. I really pictured how lovely seeing that would have been for you. My boys always tell me to stop singing when I try to sing to them, which is devastating, as I love to sing. Then I tell them to just suck it up,as it's never going to stop ;)

  6. Oh that's awesome! We can't sing here but that never stops us!

  7. Yeah, I still sing all the time too!! My lullabies just aren't as soothing!!

  8. He wasn't singing any old Perfect Gentleman classics either!! haha

  9. I'm an avid car singer too!! I just can't help myself! x

  10. Thanks Josefa! I know Ezra looks up to his Dad so much, I think he gets so sad when he has to go to work everyday, he just wants as much Dad time as he can get!

  11. You are never too old for a lullaby!! They do love it, I remember in the early days pacing up and down the hallway singing whatever I could, and it worked!!

  12. Thanks Tracey! I'm sure I will be told to stop singing too! I was always told by my brothers growing up!