Maternity style: Aztec Print 26 Weeks

Friday, March 22, 2013
Finally the weather has cooled down a little here in Perth, so I can wear my maternity capris, and I can give my one pair of denim maternity shorts a day off, they aren't going to hold up much longer at this rate. I have also become rather obsessed with this top since I bought it when we were away, you may have noticed me wearing it in my last couple of posts.  I'm really liking the Aztec Print at the moment, and it it nice and bright and just makes me feel good! 

I'm starting to feel heavier, and I'm getting a bit lower on energy, or perhaps it just feels that way because of one very high energy toddler who always makes me feel a billion steps behind. Day naps are marvellous when I get the rare opportunity.

This morning I woke up really early just thinking about how I need to write a list of all the things we need to prepare for this bubba, there is still so much stuff this time around. Car seats, bassinet, a better breast pump, baby monitor, girls stuff (yaaayy!!!), double pram attachment, and the list goes on. I thought the 2nd child wasn't supposed to cost so much? Well at least that's what the Government is telling me with the expected reduction of the baby bonus for the 2nd child. My due date is about a week before the cut off date so I'm praying this baby isn't a late arrival like Ezra.

Capri Jeans: Jeans West
Top: Billabong
Shoes: Havaianas
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Cat Eyes

I'm going to do my best to do a maternity style post once a week, on Fridays, so stay tuned for the next one!

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Have a wonderful Friday, and I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend!!

Karen xx

5 comments on "Maternity style: Aztec Print 26 Weeks"
  1. Looking great - I love that top ... do you know what store you found it in? Shari from

  2. Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award - you can find out more about it over at my blog: ... hope that you'll participate.

  3. You look great!
    I love Aztec print too...Toddler C has a pair of Aztec print leggings that I am a bit jealous of!

  4. Thanks Shari! I got it on our trip to QLD at Kirra Surf, but you can get it at and its on sale!! bonus!

  5. Are they the Bonds ones? I've been thinking about investing in a pair for Ezra, but its just been so hot here, I love them!!