Trying to find my balance

Sunday, October 19, 2014

So, I had these lofty ideas of keeping my blog going at the same pace as it was before. Well as you can probably tell, that hasn't happened. My transition from stay at home Mum to Work at home Mum has meant that life has gotten BUSY! Like really busy and I'm still trying to find my balance! And I am certainly not complaining, I mean, I'm so incredibly happy with how the shop is going, but, its A LOT of work! Its me working during naps times and most nights, plus any other pockets of time I might be lucky enough to get! Its me calling my Mum to come and help while I desperately get work done, or sneak away while the kids are playing happily for five minutes!

But, it has meant that this little space isn't getting all the love and attention that I promised. I still live in hope that I can do another craft tutorial or meal inspiration or just a post about how ridiculous it is having two toddlers in the house and how I love them so, but some times they drive me bonkers!!!

Or one about how to juggle starting a business and working at home with kids who aren't yet in school, but I can't write that one yet, because I haven't figured it out!! Tips are welcome!! Especially tips like 'hire a cleaner and a cook' oh wouldn't that be nice!!

Anyway, just a little post to say I'm still here, I'm just finding my balance. Figuring it all out, and trying to get as much quality time with my two little ones that I can!!

Like heading down to the beach at 8am to let these two run off some steam! It is amazing how a half an hour outing can change the direction of the day! Love my little explorers, and their relationship with each other is so sweet (most of the time) !

Both Ez and Willow are wearing their Popupshop Sweatshirts! The coolest animal prints ever and organic!! And not to mention so, so soft!!
Find them at Yellow Dandy of course here :
Popupshop Bear Sweatshirt
Popupshop Tiger Sweatshirt

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