Camping at Ocean Beach Caravan Park, Denmark Western Australia

Friday, January 7, 2011
 Last week we went camping at Ocean Beach Caravan Park in Denmark in Western Australia's south, does that make sense! I had never been to Denmark before, and now I am not sure why it took us so long, it really isn't that far, only a five hour drive from Perth. It is really a beautiful, beautiful place with so many amazing beaches-many that are virtually empty. This amazing coastline coupled with the idyllic green surrounds makes Denmark such a great place to visit! Rather than words, the best way to describe what it is like is through pictures...
Greens Pool, Denmark WAGreens Pool
Somewhere we 4WDrove  to.. but amazing
Treetop Walk Valley of the Giants The Valley of The Giants, Tree Top Walk.. you go up to 40 meters high and hang out with the trees! So gorgeous!
Me, hanging out in a giant Red Tingle Tree
Conspicuous Cliffs Conspicuous Cliffs... Notice that it is pristine.. and empty.
The Berry Farm... mm yumm
On the hunt for berries!

We are in the midst of planning our next camping adventure, up north this time. It has definitely inspired me to see more of this amazing State that we live in.