Mini Rodini SS18 - Mother Earth - Sustainable Kids Fashion

Friday, February 16, 2018
Mini Rodini SS18 Horse dress draco dress
Mini Rodini's latest season SS18 entitled Mother Earth is here! And as usual we love it! One of the BEST things about this new season is that it is their first season that is 100% sustainable! So, you might be asking, what exactly does that mean?

All of Mini Rodini's cotton is 100% organic! It means no GMO seeds and leaving a healthy soil a the end. Cotton is soft and fluffy and lovely on your skin, but conventional methods which used pesticides are harmful to both the people working in the fields and the lands, and of course, your children's skin. So 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, is kind to the earth and to our skin.

MIni Rodini Draco Lizard Tee
Mini Rodini Draco Lizard Tee 
Mini Rodini have also introduced a Living Wage project. If you know anything about the fashion industry, you would know that many manufacturers only pay Minimum wage. But, Mini Rodini have taken a stand against this and have a goal that they are working towards paying all of their workers a living wage. They have already implemented it in some of the factories that they are working with around the world. And these extra wages, are taken from their own pockets, not passed onto us the consumer, because Mini Rodini care about the people who are sewing and producing their clothes, its not just about the end product, but what goes into the entire process.

Mini Rodini strive to minimise their environmental impact, by using recycled polyester and modal. They also work to reduce waste and the use of toxic chemicals in the production of their fabrics. Plus they have waste management strategies, such as water treatment plants and sustainable chemical management.

Really, this is so impressive. When a company not only makes beautiful quality garments but also goes the extra mile in ensuring they are doing the best they can in terms of sustainability is inspiring. Just if more of the worlds textile manufacturers where this diligent and driven! We love hearing about their efforts and we are proud to be a huge supporter of what they are doing!!

Mini rodini donkey sweatshirt
Mini Rodini Draco Dance Dress Lizard Pink
Mini Rodini Draco Lizard Dance Dress 
Mini rodini Horse Tee Pink
Mini Rodini Horse Tee in Pink, and Soft Gallery Milla Cardigan now on SALE. 

Mini Rodini Donkey Dungarees
Mini Rodini Donkey Dungarees