My new Love : Pinterest!

Thursday, July 28, 2011
If you haven't heard of Pinterest you may want to check it out. I love it, although I only think it is fair that I warn you that apart from spending way to much time on there, it may also make you WANT too many things. Well at least that is how I feel anyway. Now that the disclaimer is over with, I will tell you what I really like about it. For me right now it seems that every room in my house is unfinished. There are some small and some massive finishing touches that need to be done in each room to make me feel like I am satisfied. For example our new kitchen is still missing some vital pieces (like kickboards) and right now it has no paint or colour or style really. With moving the old retro kitchenette into the dining room I have had to change that around too, I had to take down our ttv photo display that I love, and am still yet to find another home for it. Our sleepout conversion to a home office/studio is tiled and mostly painted but the wall decor and shelves are still yet to come. I think you get the point, the list could go on and on. Back to Pinterest, it has so many fantastic ideas, it is like looking through every style or fashion magazine you love all in one place! Brilliant. You then can "Pin" the things you love, and store them for later viewing. I think Joel even wants to join so that he can start pinning all his design ideas of the "dream house" that we will build one day, and all his renovating ideas, so it isn't just for the ladies!

Anyway, here are some of my latest loves from Pinterest. Some things that I am hoping will help to inspire the design in our house!!

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

I love the way you can change out the prints depending on how your feeling!!

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

I have a great love of tea! I am wondering if my electrician brother would be able to create this for me!

The rustic bed head is so great! Not sure I would write on it, but it looks good here!

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Old maps as art work, I really love this idea!

Just adorable styling!

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

This letterpress poster is beautiful!!

I want a roman blind like this in our kitchen!

You have to be invited to Pinterest, so if your keen send me your email address and I will invite you! Happy Pinning!

Soul Surfer

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Today I watched the movie Soul Surfer. I was somewhat familiar with Bethany Hamilton's story, I remember hearing about her in the news when she lost her arm and so I really wanted to watch this movie. I have always been inspired by her and her faith and that despite getting her arm bitten off by a shark whilst surfing, she persevered, followed her dreams and is now a Surfer on the professional circuit.

From what I had read previously the Hamilton family really wanted to movie to represent their Christian faith, and the major role that played in Bethany's drive and courage to continue on following her dreams. Sometimes I know that trying to show Christianity in movies can come off a little (or a lot) cheesy, but for the most part I think it was pretty good, the message got across, there were one or two kinda awkward scenes but for the most part it was pretty good. There was even focus on some of the amazing aid work that my until very recent employer World Vision did after the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. The movie helps to depict here the reality of the problems that many other people around the world dealing with, and they are a lot worse than missing a limb, which Bethany realizes at the time of her trip to Thailand.

I think whether you are a Christian or not, this story is pretty powerful. It is easy to complain and feel sorry for ourselves and our situation and let the hard times get us down. Bethany could have given up surfing, gotten down on life and walked away and we would never have heard much about her again. Instead she pursued what she loved regardless of her limitations, and succeeded, and inspires many people to do the same. I have a hard enough time surfing with two good arms, I cannot even imagine how difficult it would be with just one, and then returning to the water where you had a horrible and traumatic experience that almost cost you your life. I would not have even thought that tackling some of those big waves would even be possible with one arm, but Bethany has proven me, and I am sure many other people wrong.

This is the real Bethany, with her dog.. who actually starred in the movie. I got a little excited when "Ginger" the Shar Pei made an appearance, I never see Shar Pei's in movies or on tv. I guess generally they aren't very good actors!
If you want a bit of a feel good movie with a solid message, a good real life story and a few tears I would recommend it. Makes me think about what limitations I think are stopping me from pursuing my dreams, and how minor they really are.

The Waiting Game...

Monday, July 25, 2011
I'm trying to be as patient as possible. I am really trying to enjoy these last quiet, relaxing days or weeks. As I hit 39 weeks today I am feeling more than ready, I am not sleeping very well and although the thought of labour is still quite daunting, I really want to meet this little man, and see his sweet little face! Plus I am just feeling large and uncomfortable, but I am glad that it is the middle of winter here, because I have been feeling so warm, I guess if it was summer I would spend all day floating in the sea. I haven't really been feeling motivated to blog or do anything really, just waiting...and wondering.. when are you going to make your appearance?

If you can't tell, I really love the "early bird" filter on the Instagram app right now. It makes my crappy grainy iphone pictures look just that little bit better. It is easier to take selfies in the mirror with my Iphone than with my Digital SLR!

A Fanfare of Colours Embroidery Project

Friday, July 22, 2011
Last night I pulled out the "Embroidery Magic" folder my Mum picked up for me at an op shop last year, and decided I needed a challenge. I still have so many different styles of embroidery and stitches to learn, and this folder is full of really cool retro designs and styles for me to try. I found one that I absolutely love, and thought it worthy of the time that will need to be spent on it. Seeing I am not really that into getting out and about these days, and I feel like life is a bit of a waiting game, this project gives me something to keep my fingers busy, and sore. These old school embroiderers had fingers of steel I am sure!

Here is a look at what I am doing. This project should incorporate a few different stitches, mostly the Satin Stitch, but also the chain stitch and buttonhole stitch. It is so much work, but I am excited to finish something that is really labour intensive.
This is what it should look like, but I doubt mine will look this perfect.
This is the iron on tranfer, everything will be completely filled in.
Here is my canvas ready to start stitching!

This is what I have accomplished so far. Joel had to fly up North for the day yesterday, and so I was able to get stuck into this whilst I waited for him to get home late at night. I'm using different colours than on the picture.

I love new projects!! I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Lovely in Heels

Sunday, July 17, 2011
At the moment I dream about wearing a nice pair of heels. It has been a while since I have sported a nice pair of shoes. I actually have a bit of a hatred towards footwear at the moment, I despise wearing anything except my thongs (flip flops) but it is a bit cold outside so I have to wear shoes. Luckily my feet only swell occasionally so it isn't that bad. I have been a bit tentative about buying new shoes, just incase my feet change size permanently, which is pretty common during pregnancy. I am really looking forward to wearing some heels again, I decided that I will spoil myself with a new pair or two once I have the baby!! I have been obsessed with Seychelles shoes lately. Here are some of my favourites, although not all heels, all lovely.

1. Seychelles: Wheel of Fortune
2. Seychelles: Chirp
3. Seychelles: In With the New
4. Seychelles: Cream of the Crop

I love a little Retro

Friday, July 8, 2011
I tried my hand at making up my first Etsy Treasury yesterday. It is a pity that a lot of this stuff is overseas and I can't get my hands on it. I really do love a little retro in my life and in my house. I need to go out scouting for some more in my local area. For now, I can just look and dream!

Click on the pics to take a closer look!!

As American as the 4th Of July: Part 1

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Everyone seems to be doing 4th of July posts, so I thought I would get in on the game. After living for about 3 years in the USA, and our visits back since I thought this occasion is perfect for me to share some of the most "American" pictures that I have!
This was taken on our visit to Martha's Vineyard in July 2007. A very American place to take vacation, with the likes of the Clinton's and the Kennedy's. Also extremely beautiful, I love the style of the houses.

You really can't get much more American than the Liberty Bell, in Philadelphia PA
Unless of course it is Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was actually signed. This is a picture of the Assembly Hall inside, where the declaration and the constitution were written and signed in 1776.
Then there is ground zero, where the twin towers once stood. Probably one of the most recent images and symbols of America.
This is a classic image in my head, it reminds me of every movie in New York. This was taken on Liberty Island, looking to the mass of NYC.
Here I am with the great lady herself! The Statue of Liberty.
I think I am going to have to do a Part 2 of this post. I have a bunch of great shots on our other computer, that I can't get to right now. These ones a maybe a bit more serious, those ones are very light hearted!! I hope all the Americans enjoyed their holiday! The answer to the question I heard a lot whilst in the USA... No Australia does not celebrate 4th July, because in fact we are still a part of the Commonwealth. It is interesting to note that one of the main reasons Australia was settled was because after America was no longer a colony of Great Britain and were fighting for their Independence, the English had no where to send their convicts, and the gaols/jails were full. They had prisoners sitting on boats ready to be sent somewhere, and nowhere for them to go. Australia, which wasn't of much interest previously, became the destination of choice.

Baby Shower & Nursery Sneak Peak!

Monday, July 4, 2011
Another event has passed, leaving no official planned events before THE BIG EVENT! (that is giving birth). On the weekend my wonderful friends threw me a baby shower, so so so nice of them, and it was really great! It was so great to see everyone again, although at these events it is always so hard to really catch up with everyone. I also received so many things for myself and for baby W, I feel incredibly blessed, and definitely got some much needed items!
I thought because I shared about the nursery project I would put some pictures up of what it looks like so far, and well, my expectations so far have far exceeded reality. It still has a long way to go.
As you can tell, it doesn't look that different. Apart from a bunch of presents! A cradle, very kindly lent to us by my cousin, it is gorgeous! I can't forget to mention our new chair, the brown armchair, I aquired it on the weekend, and it is just perfect. Right now, it remains home to Joel's childhood toys Tan Wrinkles & White Wrinkles (he was pretty creative with toy names, should I really take his advice on child names?)
I even had relatives from Scotland who just happened to be visiting coinciding with the baby shower. I must say, these little booties are so awesome, I can't wait to see them on bubba!
The other thing they brought over from Glasgow with them was my pram. Because, as I consistantly say, Australia is a rip off on a lot of items, so we saved heaps of $$, I think I inherited the bargain hunting gene from my Mum. It is the ICandy Peach- and I think I'm in love!
Today is rest day, after a big weekend!