My new Love : Pinterest!

Thursday, July 28, 2011
If you haven't heard of Pinterest you may want to check it out. I love it, although I only think it is fair that I warn you that apart from spending way to much time on there, it may also make you WANT too many things. Well at least that is how I feel anyway. Now that the disclaimer is over with, I will tell you what I really like about it. For me right now it seems that every room in my house is unfinished. There are some small and some massive finishing touches that need to be done in each room to make me feel like I am satisfied. For example our new kitchen is still missing some vital pieces (like kickboards) and right now it has no paint or colour or style really. With moving the old retro kitchenette into the dining room I have had to change that around too, I had to take down our ttv photo display that I love, and am still yet to find another home for it. Our sleepout conversion to a home office/studio is tiled and mostly painted but the wall decor and shelves are still yet to come. I think you get the point, the list could go on and on. Back to Pinterest, it has so many fantastic ideas, it is like looking through every style or fashion magazine you love all in one place! Brilliant. You then can "Pin" the things you love, and store them for later viewing. I think Joel even wants to join so that he can start pinning all his design ideas of the "dream house" that we will build one day, and all his renovating ideas, so it isn't just for the ladies!

Anyway, here are some of my latest loves from Pinterest. Some things that I am hoping will help to inspire the design in our house!!

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

I love the way you can change out the prints depending on how your feeling!!

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

I have a great love of tea! I am wondering if my electrician brother would be able to create this for me!

The rustic bed head is so great! Not sure I would write on it, but it looks good here!

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Old maps as art work, I really love this idea!

Just adorable styling!

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

This letterpress poster is beautiful!!

I want a roman blind like this in our kitchen!

You have to be invited to Pinterest, so if your keen send me your email address and I will invite you! Happy Pinning!
2 comments on "My new Love : Pinterest!"
  1. glad you gave pinterest a chance ;) and that head board and those roman shades? divine. going to repin those ASAP!

  2. Yeah!!! I love Pinterest too. I spend to much time pinning things in it but it is a great way to keep track of things I find while surfing on the net for later reference.
    You found some really great things. I love the first idea for hanging picture and the vintage milk glass lights are AMAZING!!!
    Hope you are doing wonderful and are ready for your little one!
    Much Love,