A Spot of Shopping

Friday, September 30, 2011
I finally have ordered myself some new clothes from Karmaloop.com .. I am not back to my pre-prego weight yet, but I need some clothes.. I can't remember the last time I bought non maternity clothes. It feels so nice to know you have some new fresh things on their way!

Here are a couple of the things I ordered!
Yay for new clothes... i am anxiously awaiting their arrival...

Cloth Nappies: The Verdict thus far

Friday, September 16, 2011
Some of you may be wondering what the verdict is from my previous post Cloth Nappies: Good Idea or Crazy Mum when I was still pregnant about my desire to use cloth nappies/diapers instead of disposables. I thought I would do a follow up post about my progress thus far.

When Ezra was first born, we used disposables from the get go, they made sense in the hospital because you couldn't wash them, plus newborn poop is really crazy. When we got home, we kept using them, I think I was a bit tentative to start with the cloth nappies because of this mindset that disposables are just easier. One day I decided to give the cloth a shot, it took a little bit to figure out all the snaps and gadgets and then we had a leak, the next one was leaking too. So after a few pee leeks, which are not fun for us or Ezra, I went back to disposables, for convenience. You know what, they started leaking too, maybe we just have ourselves a heavy wetter. The bin was piling up, and our green wheely bin was pretty much just full of nappies. So after a few more days, I decided to really figure out these cloth nappies.

My initial problem was that I wasn't putting them on tight enough, I guess I was scared I was squishing him to tightly, but I wasn't by any means, there were gapes in the legs where the pee was escaping from. Once I got them tight enough and secured properly they have been AWESOME! I really don't find it that hard to wash them, and our bin is empty!! They are also this lovely fluffy soft minky material in all sorts of awesome colours that just look so darn cute. I calculated that in the first month, using disposables we had already spent $99 on nappies (a 108 pack costing $33). I know they use less as they get older, but it is estimated the average baby would go through $3000 worth of disposables in their life. Although the cloth nappies I bought were on the more expensive side, they are no where near $3000.

So the verdict is, Cloth All the Way.. so far they have been awesome and I feel a whole lot better about chucking a load of nappies in the wash, then a bin full of disposables.

The brand I use is Itti Bitti and the type is the Tutto's, which can be adjusted to fit a newborn to toddler, which is great value for money!! This is the order I did this week! Such awesome colours.

Pee-Pee Teepee

Sunday, September 11, 2011
I was browsing an online store yesterday, and came across an ingenious idea. Pee-Pee Teepees!! For anyone who has had a baby boy you will know exactly why these could come in handy! A guard for the dreaded pee fountain that flies here there and everything seemingly deliberately when the nappy comes off, or just before the new one in fastened securely. It is like the fresh air and freedom makes them suddenly want to pee all over you, the wall, themselves and of course their clothes. It is like playing Russian Roulette every time you change a nappy, you never know when your gonna get done!
These picture are from the Nursing Angel website. They retail for a pack of 5 for $14.95
but I could just make them for myself. I think it is a pretty funny gift though! Something to keep in mind!

Sleepy Wrap

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Finally I have two free hands to do what I want!! This morning in the mail came my Sleepy Wrap. Recommended to me by a dear friend and Mother of two beautiful girls!! About half an hour ago I tried it on, slipped Ezra in it. Made some lunch, did some vacuuming and now have a sleeping baby attached to me and two free hands. Amazing, plus my back isn't sore at all, too easy!! I feel like I can actually accomplish things at home now, because Ezra is so content just chilling out in this wrap! Bonus is I get to keep him nice and close to me too! I haven't blogged for a while because I have kinda been stuck one armed in one position or walking back and forth in the hallway! So hopefully now I will be back in the swing of things.

The Sleepy Wrap was
on sale too, at nursingangel.com.au
I chose grey but there are a bunch of colours to choose from.

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