DIY Heart Embroidery Wall Hanging

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This hearts embroidery is something that I made a while ago, but it is really quite quick and simple to make, it looks great and is a nice homemade crafty embroidery piece to add to your home. So, I thought I would do a little DIY tutorial, which includes how to iron- on transfer embroidery patterns or images onto your fabric. It would go perfectly is a kids bedroom or as a part a collage of prints and pictures on your wall in any room.


-Embroidery Hoop (I used a 9 inch hoop, but you can scale the pattern to any size you want)
- Un-dyed Calico or white cotton material
- Needle
- Embroidery floss (at least one colour, but you can use all different colours if your prefer)
- Tracing Paper
- Iron on transfer Pencil
- Iron
- A printer to print out the pattern
- Scissors 
optional: Some craft clue to glue down the material to the hoop


1. Print off the template from HERE
2. Trace the hearts onto the tracing paper with an iron on transfer pencil (I bought mine from Spotlight) 
3. With the pencil marks facing downwards dry (not steam) iron the pattern onto the calico that is cut to the size to fit in the hoop with about 4-5 cm extra material around the hoop.
4. Put the iron on patterned calico in the hoop stretch so it is nice and tight and then tighten the hoop.
5. The stitch I used for the hearts is the simple back stitch. Which means you are just putting the needle back through the hole that your previous stitch created (see picture). 
6. Once they are all finished trim the material around the edge of the hoop, and glue it down. 

use the hoop to line it up correctly and then remove to iron!
Make sure the pencil is sharp, you don't want these lines too thick!
The back stick, makes it look nice and neat.

Then you are finished and it is ready to hang.
Oh so so easy! But it looks really nice!

Karen xx

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19 comments on "DIY Heart Embroidery Wall Hanging"
  1. This is really cute, a nice little pressie idea !
    Thanks for sharing! x

  2. This is so pretty, and I have to say, you're a very neat stitcher, hun :)

  3. Really sweet and would look great near my little Miss Celeste's change table!

  4. Lovely. I am getting into my DIY lately :) It is fun.

  5. Oh that is very cool! Would look great on a quilt too :)

  6. It is a good pressie idea!! Handmade is always better xx unless it's diamonds ha!!

  7. Oh thanks! I think it takes me forever because I'm a bit of a perfectionist with the stitches! ha!

  8. I think it is going to have to go in Willow's room in the new house, suits a little girls room! x

  9. It is fun! I love the sense of accomplishment when you make something yourself!! x

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