Smash Journal: Baby's Firsts Journal

Monday, April 30, 2012

Rather than being pretty and really over worked, I just want this journal to be real and authentic to who we are. Something that Ezra can look back on when he is older and get an idea of what it was like for us when he entered our lives, and how much we LOVE him!

I have been meaning to do this for so long, now that I have started I just really want to keep going!

My Winter Style

Sunday, April 29, 2012
I've been pinning (yes pinning on Pinterest) a lot of clothes for this coming Winter. I really need a revamp on my wardrobe, it is drab and boring. I just want some things that I can throw on in a hurry, because lets face it, I don't get a lot of time to figure out what to where with what anymore. But, things that are comfy and look nice as well. Some of my favourite finds lately are like that, but some are just pretty, nice and amazing. This is what I am thinking!

Love this basic All About Eve Blazer

I got a pair of NEUW jeans for my birthday and I love them, so how about some rust coloured cords too!

This Esther blazer is gorgeous, love the orange

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Simple but elegant dress from Mod Cloth

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Some Minnetonka Tramper boots, how comfy and cute!

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

This cute Friends Of Couture Skirt, can't wait to see their whole winter range.

This MinkPink blazer will definitely brighten up a dull winters day!

I think it is going to be nice jeans, boots and cardigans or blazer jackets for me this winter.
What are you 'pinning' lately??

One Lucky Dog

Saturday, April 21, 2012
On Monday morning I remember sitting in the kitchen giving Ezra breakfast thinking to myself, I wonder what we should do today. It was literally 5 minutes later I heard a noise at the back door, I thought it was Joel stopping home for something, but I checked and there was Angus (the dog) scratching at the back door. WHhaaattt, last I checked he was in the front yard like usual. I let him in and noticed he looked really scared and thought thats odd. A few moments later a girl comes running up the driveway, and tells me she hit Angus with her car. I take a longer look and notice that he is all beat up, gashes in his legs and skin hanging off, all though I am really squeamish and I didn't want to look too close. She thought he must be really hurt, she said she hit him so hard it put a dent in her car, plus she was going 60km/h. The crazy dog must have jumped the fence and run across the road to the park, after 4 years of living here he decides to jump it.

It's a good thing Pei 's were bred to be tough, otherwise I think I would have lost my baby dog. We are still in shock that he came away from it so well off. He has 5 spots where he needed stitches, all on his legs. Some road rash and bruised lungs and liver. We are feeling very,very lucky he is still with us. Needless to say, I didn't get much done that day after all.

Today we bought some lattice and Joel used it to extend the height of the fence, no more escaping now!



8 months on

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Our little man has hit the 8 month milestone. How quick 8 months goes by.

This is such a fun age, maybe I say that about every age, but they all really are. This kid keeps me on my toes, he is so fast, crawling from one end of the house to the other. Launching himself forward and taking off, usually straight for the bathroom, he loves to stand up holding on to the side of the bath. He loves to laugh, and smile and play. I can't keep him away from the bookshelves, he is drawn to them, pulls books out and tries to rip the pages out before I get to him. He pushes the chairs around the kitchen, and laughs so hard when we ask him if his dinner is "scrumptious. I think his teeth have been bugging him for the last few weeks, I hate to see him in pain, but he is such a trooper.  I am so grateful for his glorious 12 hour sleeps at night, it helps me to function so much better. He has started to refuse late afternoon naps, and that ok with me as long as he is pretty happy most of the afternoon. He is eating food like a champ, although I'm trying to figure out exactly what he wants because he doesn't like eating from the spoon anymore and just wants to feed himself. In the last couple of days he has started making na-na-na-na sounds, they are so stinking cute. He opens his mouth so wide and just can't stop saying it. I keep thinking he is saying Ma-ma-ma, Joel thinks he is saying Da-Da-Da, but really he is saying neither.

My heart feels so full when he grabs my head (pulls my hair) and gives me a nice big open mouth kiss (bite) on the cheek. I am so grateful for my amazing child. I feel extremely lucky and so thankful to have him in my life.

I hope you had a great weekend, mine is nearly over. It was fun, but I am exhausted!
Karen xx

I turned 29

Saturday, April 14, 2012
Thursday was my birthday, I have embarked on the last year of my 20's. I don't really like the idea of turning 30, but I guess no one really does. This year it was all pretty low key, and I was still recovering from sickness. Still, it was a good day, and my husband looked after me! So here goes the last year of my 20's, what will it hold, what do I want to accomplish this year, how can I make it the best year of my 20's yet. I really want to make the most of this year, I'm going to sit down and write out my goals for the year, I'll post them once I figure it out!

Joel got me an AMAZING Red Velvet Cake from a patisserie that just opened on the street behind our house. I couldn't stop eating it all day, it was delicious. I got some gorgeous succulents to pretty up the front porch ( I keep killing the plants out there), an awesome glass kettle that will get some serious use due to my love of tea, some new NEUW jeans they are amazing, and a Havaianas cover for my iPad. I feel really blessed and loved this birthday. 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, we are pretty lucky here in Aus, we get a four day weekend, so we had lots of good family time, and got none of the work in the garden we were planning accomplished. We have one side of a hedge planted, but we need to plant the other side, it is only really a tough job because there are some HUGE rosemary shrubs that need to be removed first.

We did however venture out on the boat on the Estuary with Ezra for the first time. He loved the hum of the motor so much he fell asleep in my Mums arms. Then he was happy just lying still, which is very strange for the little man who never stops moving. It was so peaceful and relaxing. We had dolphin visitors along the way, so many of them and so close to the boat. Unfortunately they aren't that easy to get good pictures of with an iPhone.

Chocolate stayed at a minimum this year, and that's probably a good thing, because I don't need to be over indulging in that right now!