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Sunday, April 29, 2012
I've been pinning (yes pinning on Pinterest) a lot of clothes for this coming Winter. I really need a revamp on my wardrobe, it is drab and boring. I just want some things that I can throw on in a hurry, because lets face it, I don't get a lot of time to figure out what to where with what anymore. But, things that are comfy and look nice as well. Some of my favourite finds lately are like that, but some are just pretty, nice and amazing. This is what I am thinking!

Love this basic All About Eve Blazer

I got a pair of NEUW jeans for my birthday and I love them, so how about some rust coloured cords too!

This Esther blazer is gorgeous, love the orange

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Simple but elegant dress from Mod Cloth

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Some Minnetonka Tramper boots, how comfy and cute!

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

This cute Friends Of Couture Skirt, can't wait to see their whole winter range.

This MinkPink blazer will definitely brighten up a dull winters day!

I think it is going to be nice jeans, boots and cardigans or blazer jackets for me this winter.
What are you 'pinning' lately??

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