Some Christmas Giftspiration for Girls and Boys!

Friday, December 5, 2014
It is hard to believe this year has gone so fast, and that Christmas is just around the corner!!! Eeeeeep! Recently on my shop instagram account (@yellowdandyshop) I shared a couple Giftspiration pictures, featuring gifts selections for Girls and one for Boys!

So, if you need a little inspiration for gifts for the little people in your lives, then hopefully this will help!! I know my kids would love everything off of this list!!

Of course so many of these items are totally unisex! Not just gender specific!!

My Guest Edit on Shop Trawl!

Friday, October 31, 2014

This week I was really excited to be invited to do the Guest Edit over at Shop Trawl, where I got to share my Shop Trawl wish list !! Whoop! So if you want to check out my picks, for me, for the home and of course some of my favourite things for kids! Then you should pop on over and take a look!! It includes amazing products from Plyroom, Armadillo and Co, Obus, Noah & Bowie and Saltwater Sandals plus more!!

If you don't know about Shop Trawl yet, then you are missing out! It is one great website where you can to trawl through a whole lot of fabulous online stores! So, instead of searching multiple sites for the product you are searching for, you can head to Shop Trawl and hopefully find it in one simple search! Or just scroll through and fall in love with a whole lot of awesome products as you go! Once you select a product it takes you direct to that store so you can purchase it! You might even discover your new favourite shop (as long as its Yellow Dandy shop of course ha!)!

You can find my Guest Edit HERE... 

Noah and Bowie Round Bear Blankets have arrived

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yesterday we received our MUCH Anticipated delivery of Noah & Bowie Round Bears blankets! I've admired them through pictures for too long, and as soon as I saw them I KNEW we just had to become a stockist! And they are just as gorgeous as they seem in all of the pictures I've seen! They are reversible, monochrome and round, with tassels and  such a sweet bear print, I mean how could you not love them! These Noah & Bowie blankets are a pretty generous size too, big enough to use as a rug on the ground, or for you and kids to snuggle on the couch! I'm not really sure who loves this blanket more, me or the kids!

Mandy, the creator of Noah & Bowie really did an amazing job!! We only have a few of these blankets left, and I hope to get more in the next delivery! If you are looking for a gift that is really going to WOW an expectant Mum at her baby shower, or for a new bub, this is a great option!!

Find Noah & Bowie Round Bear Blanket HERE and it comes with Free Shipping Australia wide

Finding cool clothes for boys : My picks

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I used to think that clothes shopping for boys was hard, and that there just wasn't any cool clothes for boys out there. And obviously since then, I've changed my mind, because it was just that I was looking in the wrong places. So I thought I would share, some of my favourites from Yellow Dandy shop's current range for BOYS!!!!

We have some A M A Z I N G boys clothes at the moment!! Whenever I opened a new delivery I have to fend off a desperate 3 year old who is continually asking, "is this for mees!" and trying to grab them out of the box! If he sees my shop website open, he will often point to the clothing that he already has, and then start asking for a whole variety of other things, and as annoying as that is, thats what you want right? Cool clothes that they are actually excited about wearing? That they feel good and confident in! Giving up the 'getting dressed' battles, because finally we all agree, that this outfit is Awesome!

And if you are finding it even harder to find cool clothes that are ethically produced and/or organic, then I've got you covered here too!!

It is so hard to pick favourites, because I already hand picked all of these styles when I purchased them, because I love them so much.. but.. if I have to chose a selection, here I go!

Beau Loves  Cross Spike Jumper (coming soon) 

Cool Batman kids decor by Little Pop Studio Now at Yellow Dandy

Monday, September 8, 2014
Batman Pillow case little pop studio kids room decor

I don't know many little boys who don't love Batman, and most Batman kids decor that I have seen doesn't really appeal that much to parents right? 
Well, if you have a mini super hero in your house, this might be a great addition to their room. Here is a Batman Pillowcase by Little Pop Studio that is sure to be loved by both parents and kids alike! It isn't the same licensed daggy batman paraphernalia that has most parents cringing, it is a really cool print created by one super talented lady!! And of course, I couldn't resist stocking it at Yellow Dandy shop! 
One day. Ezra,  my 3 year old just started declaring that he was Spiderman, and he still currently refers to himself as Spiderman, its a little endearing, as long as he isn't trying to shoot Spiderwebs at me when he is angry! Which, happens more often than I would like during this wonderful stage of being 3!! Up to that point he maybe had seem Spiderman once, so I think it was something he learnt about from the kids at his play-school! 
His love of Super Heroes isn't just limited to Spiderman, he has an affection for them all!!
And when I put this pillowcase on his pillow he went nuts over it!! Oh he LOVED it, and still does!! And guess what, I loved it too!! We also stock it in a cushion cover and the super cute Bat Kids pillow case, a  pink and grey one with a masked girl, because we all know that girls can be Superheroes too! 

The photo above is a little peak at how Ez's room is coming along!! 

Little Pop Studio bat boys pillowcase boys room ideas

Kids room design: making progress in Willow's room

Thursday, August 28, 2014
In the midst of everything,  I am slowly working on finishing the kids rooms! I've been so flat out lately that my own kids rooms have been neglected!! Yesterday I tackled some decals! I've also started anchor decals in Ez's room but they take a lot of precision and patience that I don't have at the moment, so I stopped part way through!

Even though there is still so, so much to do, I thought I would share a little bit of my progress in Willow's rom so far. If you follow the shop on Instagram (@yellowdandyshop) or Facebook then you probably have seen a couple of pictures already! I really enjoy coming up with ideas for them, and  I love the idea of them having rooms that they love! A place that is both practical (storage and all the other bits) and also just lovely, a place that makes them (and me) smile and feel great about!

Mint triangle decals girls room 
Miniwilla posters girls room

Kids room decor, girls nursery

crochet watermelon rug girls room

 Mint Triangle Decals From Urban Walls
Miniwilla Wall Prints from Yellow Dandy Shop
Watermelon Rug HERE
Jamie Kay Pink and White Cross blanket HERE
Lucky Boy Sunday cushion HERE
Mini Raindrop Cushion HERE
Rock and Pebble Pear dollhouse HERE

Her cot is a hand me down from her big brother that I painted grey, but it needs a bit of a touch up!

Pandas, Arrows and Clouds: Whistle and Flute clothing now at Yellow Dandy Shop

Friday, August 15, 2014
Whistle and Flute Panda Onesie Australia Stockist
Whistle & Flute Panda Baby Onesie 

I love Whistle and Flute clothing and I am so excited to be an Australian stockist for their awesome collection of kids clothes!! Whats cool about them is that it a family company from Canada, and everything is hand screen printed with eco-ink, which means it isn't harmful to kids skin! When I first starting dreaming about opening an online kids store I knew that Whistle and Flute were one brand that I definitely wanted to stock at Yellow Dandy!! And I didn't even know about their new Panda range at that stage! I was  especially in love their Kawaii Cloud and Ice-cream designs!

I am so excited that it is now en route to us, and it will be arriving really soon! Well, as long as something that is shipped from Canada takes. We already have it up for Pre-Order HERE  in our shop! But I can't wait for it to arrive! I have a couple of pieces picked out for my kids already!!

I hope that you love it as much as me!!
Australian Stockist Whistle and Flute Panda Tee
Whistle & Flute Panda Kids Baseball Tee

Whistle & Flute Wild Things Arrow Sweatshirt

Whistle & Flute Kawaii Ice Cream Tank
Whistle and Flute Kids Kawaii Cloud Tee

Easy 'Toothless' Dragon Cake

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Toothless dragon ice cream cake

Ezra had his 3rd Birthday this week, and his cake request was a Toothless ice cream cake. If you haven't been introduced to the How To Train Your Dragon movies yet, then I'll explain that Toothless is the main dragon. Ez is nuts about this movie, hence the request for a Toothless cake for his birthday.

How to train your dragon cake

I have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks with the shop launching and everything that comes along with running a business from home with two toddlers, so I didn't have the time or energy for an elaborate cake making session, so I did it the easy way, But, I think it looked pretty good and the main thing was that Ezra Loved it! He was so excited when he saw the big cake and of course the dragon.There was no way I wanted to try and make a dragon out of actually sponge cake and icing, so I was secretly really glad that he'd asked for an Ice cream cake!

All I did was buy two tubs of different flavour ice creams (I bought mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream) wait for them to start to melt and then layer them in a cake tin, taking time I between to re-freeze so your layers actually work! The next day, I pulled it out of the freezer, removed the cake pan and put it on a plate, then added some Flake pieces (the small pre-cut ones that come in the little bag) around the edge, then drizzled some ice magic (I haven't used that stuff since I was a kid, so many memories!) around the edges and did a swirly pattern on the top, I crumbled some flake to make a standing pad for the dragon! I popped it back in the freezer until cake time!

We bought a Toothless figurine from Toys R Us because I am not an expert at icing creations! Plus he gets to keep the figure!

Toothless Icecream cake

Anyway, if you have a Dragon fan in your house,and you are time poo and looking for an easy cake, then I hope I could help!!

Dragon Icecream cake









Yellow Dandy Kids Online Store NOW OPEN!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The wait is over, the Yellow Dandy kid's clothing and kid's interiors online store is now open!! We have a great range of products to help you design your child's room in stock and we have pre-orders open for some of the coolest kids fashion from around the globe!! With more to come , so so soon, like the Mini Rodini AW14 Drop one that will be launched tomorrow (Thursday) evening, and it is so cool! 

Today only, we are offering 20% off all stocked items (doesn't include pre-orders) as a bit of a launch offer to start with a bang!! Included in this deal are Sonny Angel mini-figures, Fine Little Day, Lapin and Me Woodland dolls, SwimFins, Lucky Boy Sunday

I am also sooo excited that we will be stocking Rebecca Kiff products! They will be here in about 4 or so weeks!  All handmade by Rebecca in the UK. We are getting baby and kids blankets, pillow cases, Panda wall prints, panda and bunny softies and the new Panda Duvet/Doona cover! And they will be up for pre-order shortly!

We offer Standard Flat-Rate shipping for $8 on all Australian orders, and Australian orders over $150 get free express shipping!

We also have a Flat Rate International shipping for $20

It feels so great to finally have our virtual doors open. Last night Joel and I stayed up wayyyyy to late after the kids went to bed, we were tweaking and fixing! He has a keen editors eye and so much patience, he went through my product descriptions, page by page. Worst job ever! Ha!

And today for the first time in 3 years I am home ALL DAY by myself! Ez is at play-school and Willow is with my Mum. Just so I can make sure everything is going smoothly and to get some ordering and other work done! Although, what I could really do with right now, is a nap!! Ha! But I think I'm too excited to sleep!

Almost Ready To Launch

Sunday, July 27, 2014
This week, my new online store for kids, at is finally opening its virtual doors! And I can tell you it has been a whole lot of hard work, late nights, working weekends and busy nap times for me! Its Sunday afternoon and my family is hanging out, but I am hiding away in the study, tweaking webpages, adding products, sorting out orders and book-keeping! SO much to do, but I really cannot complain, I love it, and its so nice to see a long time dream turning into a reality, and I'm so, so thankful to have a supportive husband who is behind me 100%, he has even declared himself to be 'the warehouse beast' and has gone about storing/stacking/organising all the products and ordering all the shipping materials, he sure is a keeper! 

Some days I wake up with that, oh crap, this is actually happening, what if it all goes terribly, and you know that little niggly bit of self-doubt sneaks in and messes with your head! And then, I just have to push it aside, focus on working hard, and follow my gut! And hope that everyone loves these products and brands as much as I do! 

So on Wednesday morning (8am AEST) all will be revealed. We have such amazing brands on board! I honestly just LOVE them all so much, I want to keep everything for myself!  Then, over the next weeks and month we will have plenty more arriving.

I am constantly discovering new and amazing designers and brands, many are small businesses and parents working at all crazy hours to follow their dreams, it is really inspiring seeing what these lovely creatives and making and designing! 

Here are a few sneak peaks of what you can expect to find at theYellow Dandy Shop!

I am also planning to open with a bit of a bang, so if you don't want to miss out, make sure you subscribe to the shop email newsletter in the sidebar!! 

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and support! It really is so great having such a supportive online community when you are venturing out into something new. 

Although I've been pretty busy and haven't done much blogging lately, I'm still hanging out a lot on Instagram, so come find me there! At @yellowdandy or @yellowdandyshop

A Rabbit Party for Willow

Thursday, July 17, 2014

So this post is a little late in coming, its been a few weeks now since Willow turned one. I like to think 1st Birthdays are kind of a big deal, I mean, what a massive year for everyone, and how cute are they when they try cake for the first time! It's amazing to watch their faces! SO, we threw her a bit of a party, and she loved playing with all the balloons, and eating cake, she definitely LOVED eating cake, but there is no surprises there!

Her birthday was an excuse to get our friends to make the hour drive down and visit us and see the new house! We haven't really had lots of time for visitors seeing every weekend we seem to be embarking on some new project, and theres the shop too. It was so nice to see everyone again and just hang out. It maybe got a little chaotic, but thats why I am so grateful for our big house and open spaces!

I feel like with the second child their first year just flies past. Its hard to believe she's almost 13 months, she's given up on crawling and is walking everywhere now, and has said her first official word, which is 'Shoe' closely followed by the word 'sock'. No surprises there really, seeing she's got a pretty great shoe collection already thanks to her mini shoe adddict Mum! A child after my own heart, oh we are going to have some fun!

It wasn't really a overly themed birthday party, but due to her love of her Ikea Rabbit stuffed toy 'Rab Rab' and her new Mini Melissa Rabbit shoes,  I decided that the cake, at least had to have a Rabbit theme.

I roped a friend into helping me with some DIY tissue paper tassel decorations! And I got the Love Mae party plates and cups and such on sale! Thanks to some inspiration from Babs at Patchwork Cactus we served American Hotdogs with a range of toppings, including chilli con carne, sauerkraut, onions, cheese, all the good American style stuff! We bought Hunsa hotdogs, and Joel, reckons that they are pretty darn close to real American hotdogs! And he should know, they were part of his staple diet growing up! ha!

I also ended up taking heaps of cake photos and not a whole lot else! Thats what happens when you are hosting, you have no time for pictures. I didn't even get one with the Birthday girl.


Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion and is The Musical in Perth

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So, Grease the musical is playing in Perth at the moment, at the Crown Theatre! And I was lucky enough to attend the opening night! As a Mum of two little ones its not that often I get to head out to a show, and especially something like Grease that has been a favourite of mine since my childhood, even though the movie came out before I was born!! I cannot even tell you how many times I have watched the movie, and like a true dag, I also watched Grease 2 a lot, and know the words to all of those songs. Yes, I know, it doesn't even compare to the first, but, like I said I was a pretty big Grease fan! As you can imagine I was pretty excited to go, and I had pretty high expectations!

My Mum and I found our seats, and proceeded to wait for the show to start. Moments before the lights went down, a very strange fellow found his seat next to mine. He gave the impression of being homeless, I don't know if he was or not, but with his matted hair, dirty clothes and fingerless gloves, and incomprehensible mumbling it just seemed that way. But, the thing that really got to me was he TOTALLY STUNK! Like, one of the worse smells ever. I kept thinking it was a mix between B.O, cigarette smoke and off milk. He kept mumbling strange things, and although he seemed nice enough, it was really off putting!! I spent the whole show trying to breathe non-stinky air,  by leaning as far away from him as I could!

BUT, apart from this strange fellow, the show was AMAZING!!!

Of course it isn't an exact replica of the movie, and I was intrigued to see all the differences and how they would pull it all off. But, they did, it was clever, funny and entertaining and so much fun! One of those musicals that makes you want to jump out of your seat and dance and sing along! There are a few musical scores that aren't in the movie, and the T.Birds get their own songs which are pretty great! I won't give away too much, just know that you are in for a really fun night out, and you wont want it to end!

I have to say that Eli Cooper who played Eugene, was so, so funny! It was hard to take my eyes off of him when he was on the stage, his dance moves and whole character was just so good!

I loved Rob Mills as Danny, and his Travolta style 'cool laugh' was almost spot on! He was pretty impressive!

Todd McKenney stole the show as Teen Angel. It seems like such a small and obscure part for someone so fantastic, but he made it his own and the crowd LOVED it!! There was lots of cheering and interaction, he is just such an incredible showman no matter the part!

Kirby Burgess as Rizzo was another stand out performance for me. Stockard Channing's are some pretty massive shoes to fill! But, she did sooo well! Really they all were fantastic, you can just see how much hard work has gone into it, and I love that Australia has so much young talent in this musical!

I thought having Bert Newton as Vince Fontaine was kind of odd, seeing that in the movie he is totally hitting on Marty at the dance! But, I'm glad they didn't really add that in too much to the story, ewww!

The whole cast was really incredible, and it is definitely worth going to check out the show!! I'd love to go again, minus the stench!!

It is playing in Perth until 27th July!! So still plenty of time to get TICKETS HERE!