Kids room design: making progress in Willow's room

Thursday, August 28, 2014
In the midst of everything,  I am slowly working on finishing the kids rooms! I've been so flat out lately that my own kids rooms have been neglected!! Yesterday I tackled some decals! I've also started anchor decals in Ez's room but they take a lot of precision and patience that I don't have at the moment, so I stopped part way through!

Even though there is still so, so much to do, I thought I would share a little bit of my progress in Willow's rom so far. If you follow the shop on Instagram (@yellowdandyshop) or Facebook then you probably have seen a couple of pictures already! I really enjoy coming up with ideas for them, and  I love the idea of them having rooms that they love! A place that is both practical (storage and all the other bits) and also just lovely, a place that makes them (and me) smile and feel great about!

Mint triangle decals girls room 
Miniwilla posters girls room

Kids room decor, girls nursery

crochet watermelon rug girls room

 Mint Triangle Decals From Urban Walls
Miniwilla Wall Prints from Yellow Dandy Shop
Watermelon Rug HERE
Jamie Kay Pink and White Cross blanket HERE
Lucky Boy Sunday cushion HERE
Mini Raindrop Cushion HERE
Rock and Pebble Pear dollhouse HERE

Her cot is a hand me down from her big brother that I painted grey, but it needs a bit of a touch up!

6 comments on "Kids room design: making progress in Willow's room"
  1. Looks great Karen. I'll be on the hunt for more sonny angels from you soon. I'm finally decorating the play corner and bubs room properly.

  2. Such an incredibly cute room! Have been hunting good decals to avoid the whole wallpaper thing - I love wallpaper but not the almost permanence of it all. Love that peeking bunny looks a bit like totoro!

  3. Ps do you sell decals?!

  4. You did a great job on the wall! What a sweet idea! Always so creative! Love it!

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