Rainy Days are Perfect For

Thursday, June 30, 2011
In this last week I think we may have had more rain than so far this entire year, and I am not complaining, it has been so dry and hot this year, we really need the rain!
I love a rainy day every once in a while!
Rainy days are perfect for: Going to get a new haircut! Thanks Renae, at Raven Hair!
Hanging out with the Angus dog! He hates the rain, so he wont go outside, and therefore follows me around like a shadow the whole day. Plus we need to make the most of our quality time together..it's not just going to be me and Angus home during the day soon. A cup of tea, and most probably more! And perhaps a Tim Tam if you feel inclined, perfect for a rainy day.
Doing a crafty project, well for me every day is a great day for doing something crafty, but especially a rainy day! Watching a movie! I actually really enjoyed Arthur, I know critics have given it scathing reviews, but for me it was easy to watch and easy to laugh at. You know, I also cried, it could just be the pregnancy hormones, but I did cry, not just a few tears, but the can barely talk type of crying..
I hope you are enjoying your day! Whether the weather is rainy like here in Perth or Sunny and Summertime in the northern hemisphere!
Karen xx

Listing Galore in my Etsy Store!!

Monday, June 27, 2011
I just listed 27 new items in my Etsy shop. I spent the morning taking all new pictures of all my designs, and then most of the afternoon listing them. I am so happy when I look at my Etsy shop now, just need to change my banner and logo to something better and I will be satisfied.

You can check out my new and improved Etsy Shop here: www.etsy.com/shop/yellowdandy

But here are a few of my new designs for your immediate viewing as well

Perth Upmarket 1st Timer!

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Today I had my first market stall, at Perth Upmarket at UWA. If you came by to visit, thanks for stopping in. It was really great to just see the reactions people have to my designs. Sometimes when you do everything online it is really hard to gauge what people really think. Being able to talk to people and sell things in person was really fun. One thing that this forced me to do was to finish all my designs and get motivated. So this week I will be uploading so much stuff onto my etsy shop and also loading more options for custom embroidery pieces. Very exciting. After a day like today I am wiped, it is time for me to hit the sack!!

Antenatal Class 101...

Saturday, June 11, 2011
Yesterday we had a day-long antenatal class at the hospital we are having the baby at. I wasn't feeling very prepared at all before we went in, but we have come away from the day feeling a sense of relief and confidence, rather than, what I was expecting, exiting with a renewed fear because now we know exactly what we are in for.

One of my favourite parts of the day was Anne the Midwife running the session boosting our confidence, reminding us to have faith in our bodies and what they can do, to trust them, and not freak out. The other amazing thing I didn't know was about the benefits of Mum and baby, skin to skin contact immediately after birth. If you haven't heard about it, I recommend you google it, because it really is a testament to how amazing our bodies really are, and the connection between mother and child! Research has shown that the baby can actually "crawl across the mothers' abdomen towards the breast and latch on by itself".

Joel mentioned afterward that he heard the phrase "back passage" way more than he would have liked to today.
We looked at pictures of a baby's first poo, we learned about all the wild and wonderful methods of pain relief. We checked out the birthing suites, and found out that they actually offer and recommend water births at the hospital. I was aware they had a bath for pain relief, but I didn't know they offered water births. Something else to consider.

The room was full of macho, confident Dads to be, who loved to make jokes like "well this will be easy" and "I guess I'll be watching the footy" but we all know that when that time comes, and their partner is in labour and their first child is about to be born, they will be sobbing, crying, emotional messes just like us women! Some will be even worse.
7 more weeks to go!

Five Favourites Friday!

Friday, June 10, 2011
I had my 32 week check up at the hospital this morning, all is good and fine! Had my only uni exam for the semester on Wednesday, so nice to get Uni out of the way for the year and focus on new things to come. Today is Friday, and although I missed out last week, this week it is back.
Since I am starting to seriously think about setting up our nursery, and I have already bought my crib/cot bedding, and cot, and other things, I thought this week I would feature my 5 Favourite Etsy boys nursery items!! Seeing that is what I am all about right now!
I have a bit of a fascination with Robots at the moment, so I love this. This is by Finny and Zook, they also offer all the letters of the alphabet with different designs! So cute.
Sticking with robots, these little guys are awesome. They are fabric decals that can be stuck and peeled off and stuck again! They are by Lovemaestore and I adore!
This print is so adorable, I love the colours and the wording. Take Courage! Such a good motto. This is from the Etsy store arian.
Although I am probably making my own mobile, I really like this one too. Elephants are awesome! This is by dropsofcolorshop.

I really like this, not sure it fits in a nursery, but it reminds me of Joel and his Dad!! The chemistry part just fits so well!! This is from Shop Gibberish.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, we will be spending tomorrow in our antenatal classes! Yay! Hopefully we learn a lot!

Kitchen Renovation Before & After

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So even though it is not entirely finished, our kitchen is almost there, I just couldn't wait any longer to share, because I love it. Just need a new coat of paint, the kickboards put on, some handles and the drawers put on (but have to wait till next week when they arrive at Ikea) and waiting on the arrival of our new dishwasher, other than those minor details, our kitchen is finished!!


There are a couple of things to note about our old kitchen. 1. There is no pantry, that is why I have that lovely retro kitchenette, it may look so cute, but it is in no way a practical pantry. 2. Our benchspace sucks. 3. The cupboards are all weird, it is like they put them on backwards, and there is not one single drawer in the kitchen. 4. The cupboards right above the sink are a massive pain. So this is why now we have done this
AFTER (so far)

All the cabinets are from Ikea, love them! Because Joel is a tiler by trade we did Travertine stone tiled bench tops, which are a bit different to what you see around. The splash back I also love, especially the brick style that they are in. We got all the travertine and tiles from Aeria Country Floors in Nedlands, they are so helpful and lovely, I would recommend them any day of the week, plus their range is amazing. I will get some more pictures of after when it is completely finished, for now, a sneak peak!