House Update: Walls, Roof, Windows, Doors, Cabinets OH YEAH!

Saturday, December 21, 2013
So, I know I haven't done a house update in AGES!!!! And as you can imagine a lot has changed since my last one HERE. I feel like we are on the home stretch (ha) now. The walls are up, the roof is tiled, the walls are rendered and plastered, the ceiling is done and this week the windows and doors went in, and finally the bathroom bench tops and cabinets and kitchen cabinets are in. We just had another walk around admiring everything and I am so happy with our colour choices. You know how sometimes you only see the colours on little swatches and you have to use your imagination (or search thoroughly on Pinterest) to see what it will actually look like.

The rest of the building process hasn't been without its hiccups. Our builder emailed to tell us the gutter colours we had picked had been discontinued, the black/brown colour that matched the roof. We had a limited selection, because of our proximity to the ocean we opted to go with Colourbond Ultra, otherwise we would have NO warranty!

 So we changed the gutters last minute to a really white colour 'surfmist' and I was stressing about it because I had to change the garage door colour too, it was about a three week delay on our build,  but turns out, it actually looks AWESOME! But, we didn't tell the builder that, we used their stuff up to get a free grout colour change in our bathrooms and kitchen! We are having white subway tiles in a brickbond pattern, and we were going to have a light grout, but after looking through all the mags I fell in love with the dark grout, so we've changed to charcoal. I cannot wait to see it!

Our builder has given us a finish date of mid February, which is both awesome and a little overwhelming! We still have so much to finalise!

And if anyone has any great advice for window treatments I am all ears! Although I DO NOT want vertical blinds, they have been driving my batty in the place we are in! I think I want curtains for the kids and then those pull down ones for the main living areas.

Be prepared for an overload of photos!!!

Still love these brick: Tourmaline colour by Brickmaster with Tan mortar. 
Kitchen pre cabinets, plaster and ceiling
Entry way. I have two areas to fill with nice things and many choices
Kitchen cabinets: New Graphite by Laminex with a Essa stone waterfall benchtop still to come
Front still has to be painted and wood and stonework added! 

We upgraded to the pot drawers because they make so much sense! 

Master bathroom: Laminex bleached wenge cupboards and Baye countertops

I'm in love with this ceramic laundry sink!! LOVE I tell you!
Always helping Dad
3 comments on "House Update: Walls, Roof, Windows, Doors, Cabinets OH YEAH!"
  1. How exciting!! Your house looks great.
    Hope the February finish date stays on track! X

  2. This is SO exciting! Well done on your amazing progress.
    We have just paid the deposit with out builder so I'll be following in your footsteps next year.
    Merry Christmas!

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