Easy Sprinkles First Birthday Cake

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

When we were on our travels earlier this year (which I will blog about soon), our littlest one turned One! There was no extravagant party, and just a few small presents, because thats all we could fit in our luggage. But, I did however, make a cake! I didn't really think it was fair to buy him a cake when the other kids both had very thought out homemade special Birthday cakes. So we went for something simple. And apparently naked cakes are all the rage, and so that just helped make icing this cake even easier!! Easy birthday cakes are becoming my specialty!

Once again, I used my trusted Butter Cake recipe, the one that I've used for every one of my kids cakes, except for the ice cream cakes of cours, and it never disappoints. (You can find it HERE ). I made butter cream icing. Placed a number 1 template that I cut out of a sheet of baking paper and then covered the whole thing with sprinkles, or as us Aussies like to refer to them as 100's and 1000's, and then soooo carefully peeled the paper template off!!! Really easy, but I quite liked the simplicity of it!

Archer was so excited! But, he wasn't quite sure what to do with the cake and ended up smashing up most of his piece into pieces and then rubbed it all over himself! But, at least he enjoyed it! So did all the other kids, because you know CAKE!!!!

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Here it is: Brand New Nununu SS17

Nununu is one of my favourite brands, and most importantly my kids favourite brands! My 5 yr old son almost lives exclusively in Nununu clothing! And, I don't mind because their quality stands up to all the tests he puts it through. Plus it looks great, fits great and it super comfy!

The new Nununu SS17 Season has just arrived, and it is nothing short of amazing. Great cuts, and fit and we love their monochrome, hardcore style! Definitely not cutsie baby and kids clothes! Clothes made for your little skater dudes and girls and future Rockstars!!

One of our favourite pieces from the new seasons is the Splash Tulle Dress. It is monochrome perfection.

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