Yellow Dandy Shop is Closing...

Monday, April 1, 2019

After 5 years of running my online kids fashion store, Yellow Dandy Shop... I have had to make the tough decision to close our virtual doors. In the last year and a half we have had some massive changes in our family life! We left our family and friends in Perth, and moved across the country to Geelong, Vic (where I knew absolutely NO ONE), as my husband got offered a great new role at his company! Its always tough moving to a new place, but moving with 3 small kids, a business to run and a husband that now travels A LOT, has made it tougher! Now that we are settled, we love it it here! I tried to keep the shop running for a while, but it is so hard when you just feel like you aren't able to give it everything it needs! And retail... well even online retail needs a lot of time, energy and planning, and I felt like it was just all becoming too much, and something had to give! I even took up drinking coffee at 35 years old, and sure it helped a bit! ha! I had so much energy for the first week!

We have cleared most of our Sale stock, and will remain open for a little longer, but soon our little shop will disappear. It is hard to say goodbye to something that you nurtured and thought about ALL day every DAY for 5 years! But, it does feel nice to have some slower mornings and not to feel the pressure to get to the post office every day or stress about making enough sales to be able to pay for all the incoming invoices!

On top of everything, a couple of months ago we bought a house in Geelong... and this new renovation project will keep me pretty busy for the next little while! So, you'll probably see me around this space more. Documenting our renovation, posting recipes and craft ideas again. At least I hope to be.

But, to everyone who supported us in our little biz, Thank You, we had the best customers and I am so grateful for all of your support! What an adventure it was!

Karen xx