House Tour: Our Kitchen and Living/Dining Rooms

Friday, June 19, 2015

A few months ago now Godfrey Hirst asked if they could photograph our kitchen, in particular our floors, which are Godfrey Hirst Vue Laminate in Mountain parchment (thought I would throw that one in, because people are always asking about our floors and what they are)! Of course I was more than happy for them to come and take some snaps. Until, of course, I realised the amount of work that I would have to do to get the kitchen up to a photographable state! Not to mention that we hadn't even put our skirting in our living area at that time! Because, you know, life with 2 toddlers a husband who works really hard and trying to run a business from home doesn't leave a lot of time (or energy) to finish off house projects on the weekend.

But, we pushed through, Joel laid the skirting, and I painted it, because, well, I won't let him do it. Then I made that kitchen sparkle! And the living area too, because I wasn't sure they just wanted the kitchen. And of course, the play room, because we thought they might like some snaps of that too! Phew.

So, when the photographer arrived, she was really lovely, but she informed me that her brief was to include the kids rooms and other areas, because our carpet in those rooms are Godfrey Hirst too.. EEEEEEP! So another mad rush around vacuuming and tidying and trying to sort out the absolute chaos Ez had made in his room since he has been up at 5am.

So, when you see these photos, know, that it doesn't always look like this, actually it rarely looks like this at the moment, I wish I had the time and the energy to make this house perfect, but, it is what it is!!

Our old house had such tiny rooms and everything felt cramped and cluttered, so I was determined with this house not to have 'too much stuff' filling up the dining/living area! So its spacious and a little bare in places, but I like it like that. I like not having cluttered corners or having to squeeze around furniture. And, there isn't much around for the kids to get into or destroy!

Our mint Green kitchenette was an EBay purchase back in 2007. When we bought our last house it didn't have a pantry, so the kitchenette was perfect, and I'm so glad it fits in with this house too! Our dining table is an old one belonging to Joel's Grandma. It is made from American Oak, in the USA and we brought it over here when we moved back. Our dining chairs are some more eclectic EBay purchases, and the Muuto pendants over the dining table are my absolute favourites!

Our fabulous friends built us the giant ply hex shelf on the wall, and we mounted it on with screws in the back, because its so heavy!

I like the mix of retro and new, it gives some old time character to our new house.

The house is still very much a work in progress, but I like the way it is coming along.

Godfrey Hirst Vue Laminate Mountain Parchment

Kids Decor for the Rabbit Lovers

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Last year at Easter Willow got 'Rab Rab' from the Easter bunny. He is just an Ikea Rabbit toy, but he is still, a year and a bit later, her very best friend! She takes him EVERYWHERE. This is new to me because Ezra was never really into stuffed toys, when he was about 2 he got slightly attached to 'Pup Pup', can you guess what kind of animal Pup Pup is, it might be hard because my kids are super original when it comes to naming stuffed animals. Pup Pup is a dog, der! The Golden Retriever, from Ikea! They have a thing for Ikea animals I guess!

But, her love of Rab Rab started her love of Rabbits. She met a real life Rabbit the other day in our neighbours yard (a pet one), and she proceeded to make it and Rab Rab kiss the whole time!! HA! Hilarious child!

So with the Rabbit theme in the back of my mind I've been noticing some really awesome Rabbit themed kids decor items around lately, and so I thought I would share some of my favourites! I probably wouldn't go as far as to put it all in ONE room! But, its nice to have an idea of what is out there.

1. Piccolo Studio Bunny Garland
2 Little Pop Studios Bunny Pillowcase
3. Miniwilla Bunny Cushion covers in black and white
4. Jimmy Cricket "Little King' Rabbit wall stickers and wallpaper
5. Gold Heico Bunny Lamp
6. Grey Lapin and Me Lamp
7 Miniwilla Hello Poster
8. Miniwilla Rab Love poster