Pastel Layered Ice Cream cake with White Chocolate Bark

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pastel Layered Ice-Cream cake with White Chocolate Bark

A few months ago my baby girl turned 3! My gorgeous Elsa obsessed baby girl, who really isn't a baby anymore at all! One thing about baking cakes, is that often the kids eat the icing and leave the rest of the cake. Maybe it is just my baking. But, I know that ice-cream cakes never go uneaten! Being time poor and just exhausted from being up all through the night with a baby, easy was definitely on the agenda! Its amazing that I even managed to make a cake at all!

This one was really easy, mix each layer with some food dye, freeze for a few hours and then do the next layer! I added a layer of crushed oreo to make it a little more fun (and delicious)!

The shards on the top are made from white chocolate bark! Which is as simple as melting down white chocolate and spreading it on a baking paper lined baking tray! We decorated it with some pink shiny bits and pieces and then popped it in the fridge. Once it is set, I just used a knife to make the sharper points and then, stuck it in the top of the cake! 

So so simple! But it was a hit with the kids, and I think it looks kind of pretty!