A New Phase in Fashion...

Thursday, February 24, 2011
So, the word is out, we are having a baby!! Yeah, very exciting and life changing stuff is happening!! Of course we are over the moon. I am 17 and a half weeks right now and starting to get a bit of a baby bump that is actually noticeable, it is nice to be able to feel like I look pregnant, rather than just chubby!

The time has come though for me to change my wardrobe for this new phase of my life. I have been hunting for maternity clothes websites (this is all new to me) and it has been really hard trying to find any that are 1. trendy and look good and 2. are priced reasonably. Well I was pretty discouraged thinking what the heck am I going to wear...

Then a friend recommended an awesome UK website www.asos.com
and I found a great range of maternity clothes: These are some of my favourites that I am waiting patiently for to arrive in the mail.
This is the Mama.Licious Drilla Jersey Dress
Mama.Licious striped tunic dress
Purple Wash Skinny Jeans
Mama.Licious Darma Dress
These Denim shorts.

There were a few more things I ordered, but for everything I bought for the price I did, I would have only been able to get 2 things here in Aus, and Australian retailers wonder why people are turning to internet shopping. Did I mention free shipping!!

Babushka Doll Embroidery

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A new embroidery piece that I made this weekend, and just put up in my Etsy store. You can check out this and my other items by clicking HERE

A Family Tradition

Monday, February 14, 2011
Every year for the last 20 something years my family has camped in the same caravan park every single January. We started off staying there for a week, which graduated to two, and then increased to the whole month. For us it is more than just a place to camp, it holds memories, times when we get together as a family away from the trappings of the technological world (although the last couple of years we have all had our iphones down there) and just chill out and relax and enjoy one anothers company. It makes me want to create the same kind of memories for my own children. Although over the years the 4 of us "kids" have grown up, we all still squeeze into to the caravan, practically sitting on each others laps, and we are ok with that, in fact I think everyone likes it. We take the same picture every year
This picture was taken in Jan 1990, The first year that all four of us kiddos spent together, as my youngest brother was on 6 months.
This is from 2007, the last time that all four of us were down at the same time, seeing my older brother now lives in NSW.

And here is the latest picture from Jan 2011, with a couple of extra family members this time!

Here are some pictures from the Yallingup surf break which is viewed from the bbq area of the caravan park I thought I would share, the waves are big on this day!

Guess Who's Back...

Saturday, February 12, 2011
I have been on a little blogging hiatus, but I would like to be back in the swing of it. It just takes a little motivation, inspiration and excitement on my part. After relaxing on holidays for the last few weeks it is difficult to get motivated to do anything. Can't I just sit on the beach and read my book...
Unfortunately no... reality is an old foe who will not wait for me, so I better snap to it. Maybe once a week I can sit on the beach and read my book, or twice, or at least just for a little bit everyday. Summer is on its way out, and I need to make the most of my favourite season of the year.

So I will be back in the blogosphere... here goes nothing..