Nobody does animal prints quite like Popupshop Kids clothing!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Popupshop kids Panther sweatshirt and White Cat Sweat

Popupshop kids clothing is definitely one of my all time favourite kids clothing labels! This season we ordered in more styles than ever, and I am just obsessed! Their animal prints are just incredible, digitally printed, but without the use of dyes that contain heavy (harmful) metals & chemicals. The quality is supreme. These pieces will just last and last and last! Which is great for kids like mine, that like to be active and go hard everyday! On top of all of this they are made from Organic cotton and they are produced sustainably. I've said this many times before, but we love companies, like Popupshop, that actually care about the people who produce their clothes. They ensure they have real living wages, and good working conditions. This is a huge issue in the fashion/textiles industry as many large retailers, just don't seem to care about how their products are made and by whom, just about the almighty $$. 

Ethical clothing certainly doesn't have to be lame! As brands like Popupshop, Mini Rodini, Gardner and the Gang, Beau Loves and more have proven consistently!

You can find all these styles below on our website:

Some Flat Lay Kids & Baby Outfit Inspiration

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We love a good clothing flat-lay! Sometimes it can be hard searching around an online store and imagining if one thing will match with something else, and being unsure about true colours! Well, thats why we love to provide some kids and baby outfit inspiration in the way of flat-lays! We love creating fun little outfits and we then share some of our favourite combos daily on our Instagram page! So many of our brands and styles are so versatile it is easy to mix and match!