DIY Pom Pom Garland

Monday, December 9, 2013
DIY Pom Pom Garland
I know it is drawing a little too near to Christmas, but I have an easy Christmas (or even not so Christmas) D.I.Y to share. Seeing most of my Christmas decorations and Christmas tree is still in storage I wanted to do something, that didn't take too much time and effort, to make the house feel a little more festive. So, what better than a pom-pom garland DIY.

I like making pom-poms, I originally started making some a few weeks ago for a garland for Willow's future room, but I got a little side-tracked, then I got side-tracked again and left the garland unfinished for a couple of weeks, and finally, last week, I decided it was time to finish it off! I enlisted the help of an over zealous toddler, who spend most of the time sticking washi tape to pieces of wool, and repeating to himself 'me help Mummy'. It wasn't very helpful, but it sure was cute!

These pom-pom garlands are great to hang on a Christmas tree (if I had one) or on the walls with some washi-tape or blu-tack, to wrap around a bed frame or as some lovely table decor for Christmas day. Aren't pom-poms just so useful!! If you decide you really love pom-poms you still have time to join in with Pip's Pom-Pom Advent too!

You don't need much to make a pom pom

-A couple or more, balls of yarn in whichever colours you desire
- Some card stock, or paper can work too
- something round to trace around
- a crochet hook
- scissors
- tape

1. First trace around your small round item twice, making two circles (I used the inside lid bit of my medela baby bottles, obviously not everyone has this on hand, but they were the smallest things I could find, I suppose a 20c piece would do the same).
2. Draw a small circle in the centre of your original circles.
3. Cut them out
4. I cut from the outside edge to the inside circle in one place and put tape on it to make it easier to take off when the pom pom is finished.
5. Cut a long piece of yarn to tie all the pom poms onto, and smaller pieces for the pom poms.
5. Start wrapping your yard around the ring. I use the crochet hook to pull it through the smaller circle, it just seemed easier than anything else
6. Keep going until you can't fit any more yarn through the middle circle (if you are changing colours do it whenever you want and just tie a knot with the two colours and keep going, the extra bits can be trimmed back later
7. Start cutting the yarn around the outside edges of the circle, I put the scissors in between the two bits of card to make sure its even, make sure you hold it tightly with your thumb and forefinger in the centre
8. Wrap the long piece of yarn around the centre (between the two pieces of card) and tie two tight knots
9. Peel the cardboard away (this is where the tape is handy)
10. Fluff and trim your pom-pom

Then repeat this as many times as you want!!

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