Antenatal Class 101...

Saturday, June 11, 2011
Yesterday we had a day-long antenatal class at the hospital we are having the baby at. I wasn't feeling very prepared at all before we went in, but we have come away from the day feeling a sense of relief and confidence, rather than, what I was expecting, exiting with a renewed fear because now we know exactly what we are in for.

One of my favourite parts of the day was Anne the Midwife running the session boosting our confidence, reminding us to have faith in our bodies and what they can do, to trust them, and not freak out. The other amazing thing I didn't know was about the benefits of Mum and baby, skin to skin contact immediately after birth. If you haven't heard about it, I recommend you google it, because it really is a testament to how amazing our bodies really are, and the connection between mother and child! Research has shown that the baby can actually "crawl across the mothers' abdomen towards the breast and latch on by itself".

Joel mentioned afterward that he heard the phrase "back passage" way more than he would have liked to today.
We looked at pictures of a baby's first poo, we learned about all the wild and wonderful methods of pain relief. We checked out the birthing suites, and found out that they actually offer and recommend water births at the hospital. I was aware they had a bath for pain relief, but I didn't know they offered water births. Something else to consider.

The room was full of macho, confident Dads to be, who loved to make jokes like "well this will be easy" and "I guess I'll be watching the footy" but we all know that when that time comes, and their partner is in labour and their first child is about to be born, they will be sobbing, crying, emotional messes just like us women! Some will be even worse.
7 more weeks to go!
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  1. I'm so excited for you guys! That's wonderful that you have the choice to try a water birth. I used the shower as a pain relief method which did wonders! I would have loved to have a jacuzzi or little pool to help with pain. Another huge help for me was the birthing ball, it relieved a lot of pressure off my back. Other birthing must haves are spearmint gum (dry mouth stinks!) and a water bottle so they don't have to keep giving you small cups that you finish in one minute. When babies eat they make their mommies super thirsty! Can't wait to see the first picture of your sweet baby. :)