Kitchen Renovation Before & After

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So even though it is not entirely finished, our kitchen is almost there, I just couldn't wait any longer to share, because I love it. Just need a new coat of paint, the kickboards put on, some handles and the drawers put on (but have to wait till next week when they arrive at Ikea) and waiting on the arrival of our new dishwasher, other than those minor details, our kitchen is finished!!


There are a couple of things to note about our old kitchen. 1. There is no pantry, that is why I have that lovely retro kitchenette, it may look so cute, but it is in no way a practical pantry. 2. Our benchspace sucks. 3. The cupboards are all weird, it is like they put them on backwards, and there is not one single drawer in the kitchen. 4. The cupboards right above the sink are a massive pain. So this is why now we have done this
AFTER (so far)

All the cabinets are from Ikea, love them! Because Joel is a tiler by trade we did Travertine stone tiled bench tops, which are a bit different to what you see around. The splash back I also love, especially the brick style that they are in. We got all the travertine and tiles from Aeria Country Floors in Nedlands, they are so helpful and lovely, I would recommend them any day of the week, plus their range is amazing. I will get some more pictures of after when it is completely finished, for now, a sneak peak!
7 comments on "Kitchen Renovation Before & After"
  1. Wow what a beautiful kitchen! I love what you did over the sink it some how really opens up the space. But what did you do with that awesome retro teal kitchenette?

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