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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
My car seat arrived in the post today. This is pretty exciting for me, and it is reassuring to have it in my hot little hands. Now I can feel comforted knowing that when the baby arrives, we will have a way to bring him home from the hospital.

The car seat we ended up choosing, was the Safe N Sound Meridian AHR. The reason for our choice was based on a number of factors: Firstly, the safety rating, it is the top rated (by RAC) convertible car seat: it gets 4 stars for rear and forward facing, this is a big deal to us. Also, it is a convertible, meaning it starts rear facing and then adapts to forward facing as the child grows. Saving us from buying a secondary car seat a few months down the track. I debated for a while about buying a capsule instead, you know one that you can remove from the car, I'm sure they are definitely handy, but I opted against it, especially seeing the pram/stroller that we are getting has a carry cot. Although, Joel has assured me that if I just feel like I NEED a capsule instead, then we will get one, but that decision can be made later.
Also, you can save so much money on this stuff by buying online. We saved over $100 on this alone, don't let the overpriced baby stores sucker you in.
I also decided on my cot bedding today!! Finally, I was able to find a design that I liked, at a price that was reasonable. The only problem being, of course that it is only available in the US of A, good thing I have a dear friend who is happy to ship things over here for me. Why are things so much cheaper over there, it is driving me batty.

This is the crib set by Dwell Studio, but a more affordable range that they designed for Target USA. I love it, so cute.
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