New Embroidery Pieces!

Monday, May 23, 2011
Here are a couple more embroidery pieces that I have just finished, that I wanted to share. They are a couple of my personal favourites so far. I think I will have to make duplicates, because these ones are for Upmarket, but I would really like to have these for my walls at home. I might make a massive deer head one to put above our fireplace!

I am busily trying to come up with new ideas and designs to keep pumping out the embroideries before Upmarket in June, and as it is only a month away, I do not have much time.
2 comments on "New Embroidery Pieces!"
  1. I'm a sucker for any camper material or embroidery. Love it!!

  2. Love them Kaz. What's 'upmarket'? How about embroidering a vintage bike or retro couch or some cute vintage vases of different sizes & shapes, or some clouds. Not sure if you have done any of these already!?