5 Favourites Friday!

Friday, May 20, 2011
It is that time of the week again! Yay for Friday, today it is stormy and raining, which is a nice change in Perth, we need the rain. What are your plans for the weekend? We will begin the first stages of our major renovating projects...more details to come, but I am very, very excited.
This week, I'm doing 5 favourite Australian clothing labels. I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the word, but I do like clothes, I especially like a good deal. I have a hard time bringing myself to spend too much money on clothes. It just ain't worth it..to me anyway. Not that I can really wear a lot of this stuff now, soon enough!! Can't wait!

1) Friends of Couture

2) MinkPink

3) Insight

4) Rodeo Show

5) Joel's vote is Deus..so I thought I would add something for the boys!
Just doing this post makes me excited to be able to fit into normal people clothes again! I think there might be some shopping awaiting me soon!

Have a fabulous weekend!!
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