A City For People: New Embroidery

Monday, May 30, 2011
This embroidery is inspired by the Perth Airport. I remember noticing years ago whenever I flew into Perth, there was a sign that we drove past on our way out of the airport that said "Perth, a city for people". Every time we saw it I remember thinking and commenting, this is such a weird sign. What else would the city be for, maybe it could say "Perth, a city for dogs". It was just so obvious that a city is built for people. Well, I guess a lot of people must have commented on it and laughed about it and little old Perth, because this sign doesn't exist anymore. For those who remember that sign fondly, I hope you like this little piece. For those who missed out on ever seeing it, well, now you know what your missing out on if you haven't visited Perth. After all, it is A City For People!
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