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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
A while ago I was browsing the stores for a recipe folder to keep all of my recipes that I print off the internet, because I just have all these loose papers stuffed into another recipe book, and it is not very helpful when coming to find the recipes I want quickly.

I found one that I really liked, but the price tag was $40.. for a clear plastic folder and some divider pages. No way, I could totally make this for so much cheaper. So, I did, and you can to.

(This is one I made a while back for a family member!!)

What You Need:
1 x folder (I used clear plastic, but I really love the look of the recycled cardboard folders, easier to decorate too)
8 x scrapbook paper, or A4 double sided coloured card for dividers
2 x coloured card for front of folder
Download picture from my Flickr to add to your dividing sheets
16 x brads
double sided sticky tape
A Printer
Alphabet Stickers
Hole Punch
Clear plastic sleeves

You can really start anywhere you want, and it is really simple

First I cut my scrapbook paper down to a size that will fit through my printer (A4 works), and then printed pictures I had drawn and scanned in on the top of each segment page (available on my Flickr page for you to Download and use HERE) I wanted. Feel free to download mine, if you want, they aren't fantastic but they do the trick, or you can always draw your own if so inclined.
My segments are divided into and the pictures I used:
1. Entree (watermelon pic)
2. Soup (soup bowl pic)
3. Vegetarian (pumpkin & carrots)
4. Fish (fish guy pic)
5. Chicken (drumstick pic)
6. Meat (burger pic)
7. Pasta (spaghetti pic)
8. Dessert (cake pic)

After they were cut to the right size, with the designs printed on. I then made the little tabs to attach to the top. They can be any size that you want, but they need to be placed high enough you can see them, and spaced so you can so that you can just grab a tab and flick through.
I used my Cricut Create to cut the letters out of sticky contact paper. Obviously, I know that not many people have a Cricut, so you can just use small alphabet letters. Or if you have cool handwriting you can put them in yourself, or even print them on, the ideas are endless.

Once they were made, and the letters were stuck on, I then attached them to the top of each divider with two brads. I chose little black star ones that I already had. All you have to do now is punch holes in them (2 or 3 depending on the sort of file you have).

For the actual folder itself. I chose the words "Our Recipes" to stick on the spine. Then the same on the front. Then I chose 9 of the drawings and printed them out on different coloured scrapbook card and attached them to the front of the folder with clear double sided sticky tape.
Now the folder is complete. It just comes to putting recipes in. Yay, nearly done.
I made a simple recipe sheet that can be downloaded here : RECIPE page so that if you have handwritten recipes you would like to put in, you can just re-write them out on these and stick them in your folder. If you have print outs, I just slide them into clear sheets and place them in the segment they belong.

The directions part goes for a lot longer than this, I just wanted a close up photo of the top!

I hope this inspires you to start creating! Hopefully now my recipes will be a bit more organized.

xx Karen
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