30 weeks and counting!

Thursday, May 26, 2011
When we were away last week I got my lil bro to take a couple of pics of me, with my big ole baby belly. Lately I have been having a hard time getting pictures taken and actually liking what they look like, over critical maybe, and just feeling bigger and bigger. At the same time, this is such a special time for us that I really do want to document it as much as possible, even if I can see every extra kg on the picture... it is not really about that is it?

Here are a couple that he took, me at 30 weeks..
And a little silly one, because this is what I feel like sometimes!! haha
p.s. How nice is the background. This is from the balcony of the house we staying in in Cabarita Beach, just over those shrubs is the ocean.. gorgeous!
2 comments on "30 weeks and counting!"
  1. Karen, while I can completely relate to the feeling huge part(and I'm only half way to where you are...what a weird mindset change pregnancy makes you have)you look gorgeous :) Love the photos!

  2. You look SO gorgeous & glowing!!!