Cool Batman kids decor by Little Pop Studio Now at Yellow Dandy

Monday, September 8, 2014
Batman Pillow case little pop studio kids room decor

I don't know many little boys who don't love Batman, and most Batman kids decor that I have seen doesn't really appeal that much to parents right? 
Well, if you have a mini super hero in your house, this might be a great addition to their room. Here is a Batman Pillowcase by Little Pop Studio that is sure to be loved by both parents and kids alike! It isn't the same licensed daggy batman paraphernalia that has most parents cringing, it is a really cool print created by one super talented lady!! And of course, I couldn't resist stocking it at Yellow Dandy shop! 
One day. Ezra,  my 3 year old just started declaring that he was Spiderman, and he still currently refers to himself as Spiderman, its a little endearing, as long as he isn't trying to shoot Spiderwebs at me when he is angry! Which, happens more often than I would like during this wonderful stage of being 3!! Up to that point he maybe had seem Spiderman once, so I think it was something he learnt about from the kids at his play-school! 
His love of Super Heroes isn't just limited to Spiderman, he has an affection for them all!!
And when I put this pillowcase on his pillow he went nuts over it!! Oh he LOVED it, and still does!! And guess what, I loved it too!! We also stock it in a cushion cover and the super cute Bat Kids pillow case, a  pink and grey one with a masked girl, because we all know that girls can be Superheroes too! 

The photo above is a little peak at how Ez's room is coming along!! 

Little Pop Studio bat boys pillowcase boys room ideas
2 comments on "Cool Batman kids decor by Little Pop Studio Now at Yellow Dandy"
  1. Hahaha, my three year old tries to shoot "Elsa ice magic" at me when she is cranky. The room looks great! xox

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