Finding cool clothes for boys : My picks

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I used to think that clothes shopping for boys was hard, and that there just wasn't any cool clothes for boys out there. And obviously since then, I've changed my mind, because it was just that I was looking in the wrong places. So I thought I would share, some of my favourites from Yellow Dandy shop's current range for BOYS!!!!

We have some A M A Z I N G boys clothes at the moment!! Whenever I opened a new delivery I have to fend off a desperate 3 year old who is continually asking, "is this for mees!" and trying to grab them out of the box! If he sees my shop website open, he will often point to the clothing that he already has, and then start asking for a whole variety of other things, and as annoying as that is, thats what you want right? Cool clothes that they are actually excited about wearing? That they feel good and confident in! Giving up the 'getting dressed' battles, because finally we all agree, that this outfit is Awesome!

And if you are finding it even harder to find cool clothes that are ethically produced and/or organic, then I've got you covered here too!!

It is so hard to pick favourites, because I already hand picked all of these styles when I purchased them, because I love them so much.. but.. if I have to chose a selection, here I go!

Beau Loves  Cross Spike Jumper (coming soon) 

3 comments on "Finding cool clothes for boys : My picks "
  1. I'm the same, I used to think that boy's clothes were crap, then my mind opened in a big way! I love boy's fashion so much now and I REALLY love your picks!

  2. Thanks!! Its funny how once you start looking outside of the big chains you find some pretty amazing stuff!! x Plus instagram helps!