Pandas, Arrows and Clouds: Whistle and Flute clothing now at Yellow Dandy Shop

Friday, August 15, 2014
Whistle and Flute Panda Onesie Australia Stockist
Whistle & Flute Panda Baby Onesie 

I love Whistle and Flute clothing and I am so excited to be an Australian stockist for their awesome collection of kids clothes!! Whats cool about them is that it a family company from Canada, and everything is hand screen printed with eco-ink, which means it isn't harmful to kids skin! When I first starting dreaming about opening an online kids store I knew that Whistle and Flute were one brand that I definitely wanted to stock at Yellow Dandy!! And I didn't even know about their new Panda range at that stage! I was  especially in love their Kawaii Cloud and Ice-cream designs!

I am so excited that it is now en route to us, and it will be arriving really soon! Well, as long as something that is shipped from Canada takes. We already have it up for Pre-Order HERE  in our shop! But I can't wait for it to arrive! I have a couple of pieces picked out for my kids already!!

I hope that you love it as much as me!!
Australian Stockist Whistle and Flute Panda Tee
Whistle & Flute Panda Kids Baseball Tee

Whistle & Flute Wild Things Arrow Sweatshirt

Whistle & Flute Kawaii Ice Cream Tank
Whistle and Flute Kids Kawaii Cloud Tee

3 comments on "Pandas, Arrows and Clouds: Whistle and Flute clothing now at Yellow Dandy Shop"
  1. This looks so cool - can I get away with making one for my adult friend who LOVES HOTYD? She'd love it. I'd love to eat it! Bec x

  2. That is one awesome cake Karen! I absolutely love it!

  3. I love this. The other httyd cakes look so difficult! I wouldn't even know where to start! I would love to do the ice cream but it would just melt as we're having also a 3rd birthday party for my little/big boy, at a park and it's hot. Will try this with a normal cake mix and melting chocolate drizzled over. Any tips?! The flavour from the mint ice cream would have been divine though.