8 months on

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Our little man has hit the 8 month milestone. How quick 8 months goes by.

This is such a fun age, maybe I say that about every age, but they all really are. This kid keeps me on my toes, he is so fast, crawling from one end of the house to the other. Launching himself forward and taking off, usually straight for the bathroom, he loves to stand up holding on to the side of the bath. He loves to laugh, and smile and play. I can't keep him away from the bookshelves, he is drawn to them, pulls books out and tries to rip the pages out before I get to him. He pushes the chairs around the kitchen, and laughs so hard when we ask him if his dinner is "scrumptious. I think his teeth have been bugging him for the last few weeks, I hate to see him in pain, but he is such a trooper.  I am so grateful for his glorious 12 hour sleeps at night, it helps me to function so much better. He has started to refuse late afternoon naps, and that ok with me as long as he is pretty happy most of the afternoon. He is eating food like a champ, although I'm trying to figure out exactly what he wants because he doesn't like eating from the spoon anymore and just wants to feed himself. In the last couple of days he has started making na-na-na-na sounds, they are so stinking cute. He opens his mouth so wide and just can't stop saying it. I keep thinking he is saying Ma-ma-ma, Joel thinks he is saying Da-Da-Da, but really he is saying neither.

My heart feels so full when he grabs my head (pulls my hair) and gives me a nice big open mouth kiss (bite) on the cheek. I am so grateful for my amazing child. I feel extremely lucky and so thankful to have him in my life.

I hope you had a great weekend, mine is nearly over. It was fun, but I am exhausted!
Karen xx

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