One Lucky Dog

Saturday, April 21, 2012
On Monday morning I remember sitting in the kitchen giving Ezra breakfast thinking to myself, I wonder what we should do today. It was literally 5 minutes later I heard a noise at the back door, I thought it was Joel stopping home for something, but I checked and there was Angus (the dog) scratching at the back door. WHhaaattt, last I checked he was in the front yard like usual. I let him in and noticed he looked really scared and thought thats odd. A few moments later a girl comes running up the driveway, and tells me she hit Angus with her car. I take a longer look and notice that he is all beat up, gashes in his legs and skin hanging off, all though I am really squeamish and I didn't want to look too close. She thought he must be really hurt, she said she hit him so hard it put a dent in her car, plus she was going 60km/h. The crazy dog must have jumped the fence and run across the road to the park, after 4 years of living here he decides to jump it.

It's a good thing Pei 's were bred to be tough, otherwise I think I would have lost my baby dog. We are still in shock that he came away from it so well off. He has 5 spots where he needed stitches, all on his legs. Some road rash and bruised lungs and liver. We are feeling very,very lucky he is still with us. Needless to say, I didn't get much done that day after all.

Today we bought some lattice and Joel used it to extend the height of the fence, no more escaping now!



1 comment on "One Lucky Dog"
  1. What a sweet pea!!! SO glad you had a good outcome. IT would be so sad to lose this little family member!