Boys Spring Fashion at Target {Sponsored}

Monday, September 16, 2013
This post is sponsored by Target Australia.

I'm really excited to be doing some featured posts for Target, and I'm especially excited when it includes being able to head down to their stores and stock up on some much needed clothes for the kidlets!
 As the weather is about to start warming up again, (this is my wishful thinking, the weather has been so rainy and cold still) and Spring is upon us, I realised that Ezra was severely lacking in Spring or Summer clothes that still fit him. So, I headed to Target on a mission to find some stylish outfits for him. Finding trendy clothes for boys has always been a bit of a challenge for me, it seems like the stores usually have rows upon rows of gorgeous little girls clothing, but only one or two rows for boys with a very limited selection. It drives me crazy, and then the stuff I find that I really like is usually out of my budget. Ezra is also a pretty typical 2 year old boy, he plays really hard and likes to rough and tumble around, so I need to make sure his clothes are going to be good enough quality to last the season. I was nicely surprised that at Target I found so many awesome options for little boys, not only are they well priced, they are also great quality, so I had a really hard time choosing! In the end, I managed to pick out my favourite 3 outfits (shorts and tops) and an extra pair of shorts all for under $100, I even managed to fit something in for baby Willow under the budget too. He is so prepared for the warm weather now! 

I was also nicely surprised that I had such a cooperative (and can I say really cute) little boy showing off his new clothes! 

  Ahh I love this outfit, its a little dressier and so can be worn to some more 'formal' occasions as well. The red denim shorts are pretty darn cute and a nice change from the traditional blue!
 This is the Road Rebel Shirt and Road Rebel Stretch Denim Jeans. Found HERE and HERE
I love the little camo pocket on this shirt! The shorts still have some 'room to grow' and are adjustable around the waist which is perfect for my skinny kid!

How cool is this shirt, I love the sneaker print? 
There were so many pairs of stylish boardies for boys, I had to get two pairs. The blue ones pictures above and this orange pair with the little triceratops found HERE
 I was given gift cards and payment for this post, but all opinions are my own! I really am a big fan of these toddler clothes!! 

Do you find it difficult finding stylish clothes for toddler boys?
Or do you just get to peruse all the awesome girls clothes?

Karen xx 
4 comments on "Boys Spring Fashion at Target {Sponsored}"
  1. My friends little boy was wearing the top outfit yesterday. She must have had the same idea. Good on target for doing sim nice littl boy clothes.

  2. My mother inlaw picked up our little one some great outfits from Seed and I was surprised at actually how well priced they were... But I also do love target!

  3. Oh that's awesome, how funny! But, they do work so well together!! x

  4. I do love Seed, I'm often scouring their sale section! I think this season Target is really impressive!! x