Yellow Dandy Now Has a Newsletter

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Recently I have developed an appreciation for Email Newsletters. They are such a great way to stay connected with your favourite blogs and websites. Instead of getting bombarded with emails from every post, or missing posts altogether, you get one email that is jammed full of all the best things that have been happening, so you never miss anything you may be interested in.

Because of this, I decided to jump on the bloggy newsletter bandwagon and start offering my very own, brand spanking new Yellow Dandy Fortnightly (Bi-weekly) Newsletter that will be delivered right to your email inbox. 

But of course, there is no point having a Newsletter if I have nobody to send it to. 
So, if you want to receive my newsletter (and of course I would love you to) just click the link below and type your email in the form, click subscribe, and soon you will receive the very first ever Yellow Dandy newsletter. The newsletters will contain the latest posts, news, subscriber only competitions and some awesome things that I haven't even thought of yet! 


Wow, so easy!
Thank you to everyone who signed up, I can't wait to get my first newsletter out to you!
If you don't want to subscribe to the newsletter that is cool too I guess.
But here are some other ways to follow along and stay connected:
FACEBOOK: Head Here and LIKE Yellow Dandy on Facebook
RSS: You can follow on programs like FEEDLY & BLOGLOVIN that way all of your
blogs are all in the same place! 
EMAIL: You can sign up via email (its in the column on the side) and that way every post
gets delivered to your inbox.

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