Lovely in Heels

Sunday, July 17, 2011
At the moment I dream about wearing a nice pair of heels. It has been a while since I have sported a nice pair of shoes. I actually have a bit of a hatred towards footwear at the moment, I despise wearing anything except my thongs (flip flops) but it is a bit cold outside so I have to wear shoes. Luckily my feet only swell occasionally so it isn't that bad. I have been a bit tentative about buying new shoes, just incase my feet change size permanently, which is pretty common during pregnancy. I am really looking forward to wearing some heels again, I decided that I will spoil myself with a new pair or two once I have the baby!! I have been obsessed with Seychelles shoes lately. Here are some of my favourites, although not all heels, all lovely.

1. Seychelles: Wheel of Fortune
2. Seychelles: Chirp
3. Seychelles: In With the New
4. Seychelles: Cream of the Crop
1 comment on "Lovely in Heels"
  1. I love these shoes. I am all for mums rewarding themselves on a regular basis!! Do it. I think every woman should be brought something special (and probably expensive) just after they have given birth. Hear that men!!!???