A Fanfare of Colours Embroidery Project

Friday, July 22, 2011
Last night I pulled out the "Embroidery Magic" folder my Mum picked up for me at an op shop last year, and decided I needed a challenge. I still have so many different styles of embroidery and stitches to learn, and this folder is full of really cool retro designs and styles for me to try. I found one that I absolutely love, and thought it worthy of the time that will need to be spent on it. Seeing I am not really that into getting out and about these days, and I feel like life is a bit of a waiting game, this project gives me something to keep my fingers busy, and sore. These old school embroiderers had fingers of steel I am sure!

Here is a look at what I am doing. This project should incorporate a few different stitches, mostly the Satin Stitch, but also the chain stitch and buttonhole stitch. It is so much work, but I am excited to finish something that is really labour intensive.
This is what it should look like, but I doubt mine will look this perfect.
This is the iron on tranfer, everything will be completely filled in.
Here is my canvas ready to start stitching!

This is what I have accomplished so far. Joel had to fly up North for the day yesterday, and so I was able to get stuck into this whilst I waited for him to get home late at night. I'm using different colours than on the picture.

I love new projects!! I'll keep you updated on my progress.
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  1. I love a big embroidery project and this one is going to be gorgeous! When I was a girl my Mom used to buy me little embroidery kits with a stamped design and all the floss. This reminds me of those but on a much grander scale. Have fun!