My Birthday Re-Do

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saturday morning we woke bright and early (5.30am) to the sound of Ez vomiting in the hallway.

Yay.. What a perfect way to start a Saturday, and what an especially awesome way to start my Birthday. It wasn't really a surprise that he was vomiting, because he had already thrown up all his dinner the previous night, all over my few month old couch. I'm so thankful for couch cushion covers with zips! But I was really hoping it was just a one time thing.

Needless to say it was a pretty horrible way to start my birthday. Walking down the hallway in the darkness to find the light, and finding the spew with your foot! And then spending the next hour cleaning whatever you can, not my ideal start to any day really! But, that's life with kids right? You just never know what you are going to get, and their sicknesses usually have the worst timing. I feel like I am constantly cancelling things due to kids being sick, it's so hard when you desperately want some time with friends and you have to quarantine yourselves! But, once again, one of the many sacrifices that come along with motherhood, and normally I'm somewhat fine with it.

It's just hard when it's your birthday. Plans were all cancelled, reservations were postponed and a relaxing easy going day was off the agenda. I spent the day monitoring a sick little boy, and wiping down every surface he touched. And, the whole time we were paranoid that we were all about to start throwing up at any moment.

Thankfully, so far, no one else has been sick.

On Sunday, I decided, I needed a self-proclaimed Birthday re-do! I got a cup of tea IN BED! Joel made pancakes and then cleaned and reorganized the kids playroom! Then we headed out on my parents boat across the Estuary and down the Murray river for lunch. The kids behaved beautifully, the weather was spectacular, I didn't have to pay for lunch! It was exactly what a birthday outing should be. We ordered in some pizza for dinner, my little brother came around and then we watched a super cheesy movie, and had some wine. I really can't complain, I also got some awesome gifts, and just feel so lucky to have such a great little family to celebrate with! But please, don't get sick on my birthday again please!

It all worked out in the end, although we missed out on hanging out with our friends, which was the only part that I was really disappointed that didn't work out!

My new Croozer! Time to get some serious bike riding in my life

So, have you had your Birthday celebrations thwarted by things out of your control?

I also had cake! And not just any cake but Red Velvet, from Sweet Desires in Hilton


12 comments on "My Birthday Re-Do"
  1. Happy birthday to you!! Looks like the perfect day (albeit a day late!)..hopefully your little one has fully recovered..they can be nasty little bugs xx

  2. the joys of parenthood isn't it, what we will sacrifice for our families! Glad you had a great birthday re-do!

  3. I'm so happy you made Sunday morning your birthday morning - and those photos say it all, what a great day you had. I have to say I cringed at walking in spew, ugh, touch wood, I don't have to do that for awhile - Emily - visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  4. Well the photos seem to say otherwise! I think it all balanced out in the end! I have had one of those birthdays too, without the gastro though. We went on a holiday with one of the babies who was very clingy and even more so in the holiday house. He screamed for hours and wouldn't go to sleep for a nap during the day - which gave me a migraine and exhausted me. Like you found, things did improve. I think we have to dump our expectations as parents some days - even those that are special to us!

  5. That cakes looks AMAZING! So glad you got your 'do-over', sounds like an awesome day! I've fared pretty well on my birthday BUT my son didn't go so well this year, falling hideously ill a few days before his meticulously planned birthday party leaving us to do the 'should we cancel? Maybe he'll pick up by then? But what if he doesn;t?' dance. Ended up cancelling and it was definitely for the best. Fast forweard a few weeks and we were all good!

  6. I love red velvet cake! Very pleased to hear that Sunday was a much better day Karen - hope you get to catch up with your friends soon.

    Too many times to count have I had to cancel something because the kids have been sick...but I would rather not share with friends and family especially the dreaded gastro.

  7. I saw your pics on instagram, glad you got to make up for the vomiting! I LOVE red velvet cake.

  8. So sorry that your little one was sick on your birthday but your redo sounded amazing. I hope that you get to do a redo with the friends too.

  9. This years birthday didn't really feel like one to me, since we had just moved. That's ok though. Like you said, life :)
    I'm glad you got the do-over though :)

  10. Glad you got a re-do! Looks like it was a good one, too. That cake looks delicious.

  11. Dang! My comment was deleted. Was just saying that I had a birthday dinner re-do as well because of that night Charlie puked in my eye. HA! Your cake looks delicous

  12. I had my third daughter on the 18th of Feb this year. My 30th birthday was on the 21st. I had complications during birth (c-sect) which resulted in them cutting something that they shouldn't have. I did not have a very good 30th... =(


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