NBN Delays and life without internet

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This week was the week I had been waiting for! The week where I could feel connected with the online world again. I have literally been counting down the days until I had internet in our house again. Every day trying to do my usually daily tasks on my slow, slow 3G on my phone has slowly grated me down. So, when I got a call last week about a delay in getting us hooked up to the NBN, I was so upset! It's not even a small delay, no, but ONE week before our internet was supposed to be available, suddenly there is a delay in setting up the NBN infastructure, that will take 4 MONTHS to fix! So totalling 6 MONTHS without an internet connection and no home phone, for our entire street. In 2014?!? We still are considered the Perth metro area, it's just crazy! But, because it's a NBN area, Telstra has no infastruction here and we don't have any other option than to get crazy expensive and rather slow wireless internet, and my Optus mobile service doesn't really work at all in our house!

It's not just that I like browsing the internet that has made me so frustrated, it's the thought of everything I've worked so to hard to create (here on my blog & business) starting to fall apart because I am so restricted in what I can do. Having plans and ideas fail to eventuate because my internet is so restricted and painfully slow. Not only that, It affects the small amount of income I contribute to the family budget and it will cost us so, so much more to just have internet. I've also got some other plans that I've had or put on hold because of the lack of internet. The NBN Co have no answers, and just try to pass the buck, by saying 'oh we are just the wholesaler', plus they are the Government, and well it's pretty well documented how many problems the roll out of the NBN is having. If I could head out to caf├ęs and have a coffee and use their free wifi, that would be awesome! But can you imagine how productive that would be with a baby and a toddler.

Anyway, that's my gripe, I've made a formal complaint, and have yet to hear a response, but I doubt they will do anything, because I'm not a rich business that can pay the money to have the NBN rushed. I've got a temporary solution coming this week, with a new phone provider and a new pocket wifi, so I'm hoping to actually be able to get on with online life a little more. So, I know it's been quiet around here, but, things are going to get back on track.. Somehow!

Iknow, I know, first world problems. At least I've got these two, a loving husband a beautiful new house and food in the fridge and you don't really need the internet to crochet!!



3 comments on "NBN Delays and life without internet"
  1. I look forward to seeing all your beautiful crochet in a few months time! Hang in there - frustrating as I'm sure it must be, you've definitely got the right perspective. Flick x

  2. So frustrating!
    We didn't have internet for a week and I just about lost my mind!
    I am annoyed on your behalf! Especially since like you said, Australia is a first world country and most other first world countries that I know have very fast and very cheap internet…and no issues!
    Anyway, best of luck…I hope that the delay doesn't end up being that long!

  3. Oh man. I really feel for you, Karen. I love using the desktop to write, instead of using my phone. What's the point if you don't have internet. Blurg. You know I'll always follow you friend. Let us know if they ever reply to your official complaint. That is total BS for 2014. Come on, Australia!