Hexagon Crochet Baby Blanket

Friday, May 2, 2014

Oh LOOK!  I crocheted YET another baby blanket! This one is definitely the most time consuming one I've done to date, you know, out of all 4 of them! But, I wanted to make something a little different, and use some interesting colour combos! And of course, who doesn't love hexagons.  With changing the colours every round and then joining them all up it definitely took many, many hours! But I find crocheting helps me to relax and wind down, I'm a serial multi-tasker in front of the TV so this keeps me from getting fidgety! Plus, it was a very special project for new niece, Meadow, so really I didn't mind at all. 

So, I was really clever this time, and I took a picture of the colour codes of the wool I used. Brilliant right! So, hopefully that is helpful if anyone wants to use the same colour combos! It is all Cleckheaton, 100% wool. I have a thing about making blankets with only wool! But it is a little pricey, and the not so clever thing I did this time, was once again forget exactly how much yarn I used (SORRY), but I know I used at least 4 balls of each colour and more cream than the other colours because of all the edges. 

The pattern for the hexagons is from the lovely and talented Pip at Meet Me At Mikes, and that can be found HERE.

I used a 5mm crochet hook and 8ply wool.

I did 4 different colour ways you can see and count from this picture how many of each I used. I really should have done one more row on the left side (from the picture below), but I ran out of the blue/green wool and I thought it was already looking big enough.

I then joined them all together with a slip stitch, I found the instructions HERE.
This picture shows the back side of the blanket so you get an idea of what the join looks like.

If you have any questions, please ask!!

Now, onto my next projects!

6 comments on "Hexagon Crochet Baby Blanket"
  1. This is beautiful! Great work, lady! xx

  2. It looks amazing Karen! You're so clever!

  3. http://meetmeatmikes.com/2010/11/hello-hexagon-how-to-crochet-hexagon/

  4. How many yards were on each ball of yarn

  5. How many yards were on each ball of yarn