The Kindness of a Stranger

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Isn't it nice sometimes when a stranger does something unexpected. Something that makes you feel like there are still a lot of really lovely people around! Earlier this week as I was pushing the trolley out of the shops an elderly man approached us. He intercepted the trolley and told Ez that he had something for him. Then out of a plastic bag he pulls a little stuffed Koala, tags still attached. He says here you are you little cherub you! And then walks away, simple as that.

He may have seen us entering the shops. Where Ez ran towards the little toy carousel thing (you know those ANNOYING things in every shops), and when I told him no and that we were in a hurry, he simply got off and followed me, which was pretty impressive I thought, and not all that common! So that maybe could explain the little gift. But, even if it was totally random, thats pretty awesome too.

A little boys whole day was filled with joy because of his new toy. He said to me on the way home 'this the best present me ever have.' Which is a little disappointing to hear that it out ranks all the things I bought him, hah! But it was pretty sweet none the less. He took it on our walk, and the photos aren't set up at all, I looked up to see him sitting there with the Koala and snapped a couple of pics, because I couldn't not record something quite so precious!

So, I guess, being kind and thoughtful is pretty great!

4 comments on "The Kindness of a Stranger"
  1. What an incredibly kind thing to do xx

  2. ohh, that last photo is Mum's smile, for sure! What a cute story :)

  3. I totally love this post - I often do random acts of kindness too because I know what it feels like to be the receiver ☺️ Sad i have missed your blog all this time! Just renovating but can't seem to find blogs that are in the middle of renos too, looks like you're done as well. Gorgeous home. And love your shop! Any Reno tips for me ?