PacaPod Designer Parent Bag Review and Giveaway

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Alright, so I LOVE a good nappy bag. Especially because I use one pretty much every day, and I am always shoving things in them, digging around or trying to find something for the kids every five minutes when I'm out! I'm always lugging kids and stuff somewhere. So for me organisation and space is essential. But, I also know that most Mum's I hang out with, and me included, actually like to have a stylish bag, that doesn't make it look like you've given up on all sense of fashion and just lug kids stuff around! Right?

Well, I've found the bag that has both! The PACAPOD Portland is new to Australia, it has great organisation, heaps of space and looks really nice and is easy to carry! Pacapod actually has a great range of parent bags!!  PLUS, it has the added bonus of including some other daily essentials like an insulated bag for food and drinks, that can become a back pack for little ones!! And a separate changer pod for nappies, clothes and creams. It includes heaps of really thoughtful features that when I used it for the first time, I kept discovering new things and I was constantly thinking, Ohhh thats cool, ohhh good idea, ohhh nice.

With my last nappy bag Joel absolutely refused to look for anything in there because it was absolute chaos. He could never find anything and it would frustrate him so much! He actually really likes this one, and especially now that he knows where everything is, plus, he doesn't mind carrying it because it isn't super Girly!

All of the PacaPods have the 'POD SYSTEM' which is so clever, and its nice not to have to dig around your whole bag to find wipes or nappies or whatever they all have their own little home!

The Pod System is 3 great parts
1: The parent bag! That is stylish and lovely and even can fit an iPod or Laptop! Plus a zip pocket for your phone, keys, wallet and such!
2. Changer Pod: Which has 7 pockets, clothes pouch and comes with a padded change mat. The amount of stuff I can squeeze in the pod is awesome!

3. Feeder Pod: Which is insulated and has enough room for your kids food! And, it also detaches to be a neat little back pack, which Ez keeps telling me 'thats me's backpack' so obviously a hit with the kids!

This particular Portland bag retails for $279, but there are a great range of PacaPod bags that start at $159

If you want to check out the range of Pacapod Parent bags available in Australia click HERE
And you can also check out your local baby store to see if they are a stockist!

I'm really excited because I also have one the PacaPod Parent bags from their range to GIVEAWAY!

For your chance to win, just follow the Rafflecopter Prompts Below!! 


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12 comments on "PacaPod Designer Parent Bag Review and Giveaway"
  1. Beautiful bag. My Husband would love this. He has always felt so sheepish carrying my nappy bag!
    I look for style and function in a bag. It should have lots of pockets for storing baby and kid things. Since I have lots of kids, I usually have to put a lot in there too in addition to the baby's things. This bag looks superb! All nappy bags that I use must be stylish too - this is so important to me. (I have a ban on anything Disney or cutesy.)
    PS: I love the watermelon rug you crocheted too that I saw on Instagram! Well done!

  2. This is such a great idea, the two different pods.

  3. I did it! I rented your blog competition with out any problems (wink, wink)!
    This bag looks sweet. I love the pod system. I think Dave would be like Joel, "where's the keys?"
    Plus, it's great that it's uni-sex too.

  4. Love the bag...would love to win! :) enough said.

  5. This bag looks great! I'm wondering if I'll need a new bag now that I'll have two under two in less then 20 weeks - kinda freaking out!

  6. Hmm a bag big enough to fit everything, but not too big that I need a pack mule to carry it!

  7. oohh, I need one that hangs off my pram like that!

  8. Biggest thing I look for - big enough to carry both mine and the kids stuff, without looking like a diaper bag! And um, where has this bag been all my life?! So awesome!

  9. Anything with a good set of compartments !
    My nappy bag right now aka my handbag is shocking.
    It is like my hand just dives into a big black hole, I search past my wallet, a 8 day old rusk, nappies, my 3 year olds many barbies she has to take everywhere just to find my crying 6 month olds dummy. So yeah compartments and lots of them lol !

  10. Durability - with all the 'essentials' a nappy bag contains its really important to me that it is made of hard wearing, long lasting material. And if it can easily be cleaned it scores bonus points too!

  11. Easy to clean, good size and extra pockets for bits and bobs

  12. Scraping it in ;) I'm a huge lover of airplane food - because of the compartments. Howard's Storage is one if my favourite shops - because if the endless possibilities of compartments. This bag looks amazing as it has all those task specific compartments!!!! Every thing has it's own place. Can't believe something like this wasn't around last time :) (fb email diff to one below)