Mother's Day Mistake & Wishlist

Sunday, May 4, 2014
So, funny story!! This year, we got a little muddled up! And actually celebrated Mother's Day, today. I could point fingers (JOEL!!!!!!!), but I didn't actually pick up on the mistake until this afternoon, well after I had taken full advantage of milking everything I could from Mother's day. I got a nice cup of tea in bed, then read my book, and Joel took Ezra grocery shopping whilst Willow had her morning nap, and I read my book some more! I just started reading The Goldfinch and it sucked me in from the get go. I'm even  having a hard time even sitting here doing this because I just want to keep on reading. It really was a relaxing day, I thought about going out to eat, but figured it would be really busy, but I should have gone, because it probably wasn't busy at all, considering it wasn't actually a national special day for Mums.

But, the mix up happened I guess because I haven't really been watching any TV with ads, I don't get junk mail, and my internet browsing has been on a minimum, plus my Mum is away on holidays for the next couple of weeks. So I have just been totally out of the loop and Joel told me it was this weekend, and well, who was I to doubt that!! But, no harm done, I'll just take advantage of the ACTUAL Mother's Day next weekend! Bonus for me I suppose!

Seeing now I get to celebrate again, I suppose it would be a good idea to put up my Mothers Day Wish List! You can tell by my list that my mind is still consumed by fitting out our house!

Galah Print by Peter Cromer 
Lovestar Vase
New Balance Shoes at Urban Outfitters
Milk & Sugar Pendant Light
Big Pinapple Cushion from Ourlieu
3 comments on "Mother's Day Mistake & Wishlist"
  1. Hahaha, 2 Mother's Days and 2 birthdays! Awesome : ) Love all of your picks! xox

  2. Did someone say pineapple!? And yes, I'd so pull the real Mother's Day card next Sunday too!

  3. That is hilarious! You just pulle doff a bonus Mothers Day chick! xx