How to become an Aussie

Thursday, December 6, 2012
So yesterday Joel sat his Australian Citizenship test.

Finally, he got things rolling and is fast on his way to getting his official citizenship sorted, meaning no more worrying about visas and he really wants to be able to vote seeing he has more interest in Aussie politics that a lot of Australians I know!

So, what does the Australian Citizenship test entail?

This was Joel's Facebook status last night. especially for all his American friends.

So, many have been wondering what was on my Australian Citizenship Test. Please use the following as a brief study guide.

1) Applicant must skull a Foster's and/or Victoria Bitter beer in 10 seconds or less. (one of our prime ministers had the Guiness record for 2.5 pints in 11 seconds)
2) Applicant must wrestle a crocodile and survive.
3) Applicant must use the word G'day in a sentence. (phrase
s such as "It's been a G'day today" or "This soup is really G'day?" qualify for immediate disqualification.
4) Applicant must wrestle a great white shark and survive.
5)Applicant must eat a full slice of Vegemite Toast.
6) A picture of an El Camino is shown (tricky one El camino is an american car). Applicant must call this a ute and must passionately desire a currently made vehicle like this in either Ford or Holden make.
7)Applicant must wrestle a Koala and survive.
8) To the question "Who is the best cricket player ever?" applicant must answer Sir Donald Bradman and know his test average.
9) Applicant must throw and subsequently catch a boomerang.
10) Applicant must pick a code of football to support and write a 1000 word essay on why all other types of football suck. (Applicants who pick Soccer as favourite will be deported immediately back to Europe)
11) Applicant must wrestle a redback spider and survive.
12) Applicant must eat a meat pie cleanly with no cutlery or serviettes (referral to these as napkins will cause loss of points)--Tomato Sauce (ketchup--see previous rule for translation demerits) will cost an additional 30 cents.
13) Applicant must wrestle a kangaroo and survive.
14) Applicant must recite all words to John Farnham's "You're the Voice"
15) Applicant must write five direct quotes from the movie The Castle.
16)Applicant must wrestle a platypus and survive.
17) Applicant must travel to Bali and own at least one Bintang shirt or desire to do this at some point in their life.
18) Applicant must cook the following on a BBQ to testing approval: Prawns, Lamb Chops, Beef Sausages & Rissoles
19) Applicant must wrestle the following and survive: Brown Snake, Tiger Snake, Taipan & Death Adder
20) Applicant must refer to a redhead as bluey, a bald man as curly, a tall man as shorty, respond to people whoshorten his name to an abbreviation if required (i.e. Gary = Gazza), and refer to all his best friends as bastards (this is let's them know he likes them).

There are some more things you may want to study like box jellyfish wrestling, names of australian super models,the lyrics to Waltzing Matilda, and how to ruin good bourbon with coke but these may or may not be on the test.

Good Luck!

Really it is a simple test of 20 multiple choice questions, but I think the above test is MUCH more authentic! 

Karen xx 
18 comments on "How to become an Aussie"
  1. Brilliant - I'd like to suggest changing question 18 to discuss your preferred method of cooking steak on the BBQ. To flip or not to flip?

  2. Love it!
    Glad to know what I can expect when I go to take the test (sit the exam).

    I think I can handle everything except for maybe number five!

  3. haha, close enough, good luck to him!

  4. Rhianna @ A Parenting LifeDecember 7, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    Yep the above test is a much better idea than 20 boring multiple choice. Well done to him and he sounds like a great candidate for an Aussie

  5. I think that's totally authentic and am now memorising the Castle quotes. Good to be introduced via FYBF. I remeber getting the Aussie citizenship and being so relieved as I had been at the tail end of exits visas a couple of times and in fact was living in Pakistan and refused an extension so we had to zip over sharpish. And been here happily ever since. It's good to be an Aussie.

  6. Thanks! It is much better, who cares about things like the Governor Generals role in Australian politics! ha

  7. It is good to be Aussie, and to now have the whole family as Aussies makes me very happy!!

  8. Thanks! He passed 20/20 in 6 minutes! So he's pretty true blue!

  9. WHAT???!! You don't like vegemite! ha, Joel said he hated it for ages and then just woke up craving it one day, maybe that will happen to you!

  10. Yes, I agree, and proving who is the bbq king, maybe you have to bbq with 5 men standing around with differing opinions!

  11. I think he's picked up pretty well on the Aussie culture :P !!

  12. Often when I serve dinner up to my husband he says "what do we call this love" and then follows it with "now why would you want to go out when you can get this right here at home!" I do love being an Aussie!

  13. Haha! Love it! But I do wonder how many of us know ALL the lyrics to Waltzing Matilda. Would love to find out :)

  14. That is hilarious. I especially like 3, 10 and 15. We quote The Castle all the time!

  15. Hard to believe the castle was made 15 years ago today! Great tips

  16. Absolutely love; this, Karen :) I have an American son-in-law and four American grandchildren. My daughter will totally love this. I can see her starting to coach her hubby immediately!

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