A new dislike for bedtime

Saturday, January 12, 2013
Recently Ezra has started getting quite upset when we leave his room in the evening and say Goodnight. For months he would just roll over and curl up in bed and fall asleep. But now as he is becoming more and more aware what bedtime is all about, he stands up and screams as we leave the room, and wants us to stand next to his cot while he falls asleep, he has never done this before. Maybe he is just experiencing more separation anxiety as he is becoming more aware of the big world around him. That is parenting for you I guess, once you feel like you have one thing sorted out, something new comes along and gives you another challenge.

Last night he got so upset when I tried to take him off to bed, he snuggles in really close to Joel on the couch to try to get away from me. Then he screamed, flailed around and had a mini tantrum as I took him to his room. I think part of it is that he misses his Dad during the day, and has a hard time when he only gets a couple of hours with him before bed. It could also be teeth related, but it seems that for the last year everything has been seemingly teeth related.  I really hope this isn't the beginning of a complete hatred of bedtime.

We thought that perhaps a solution would be to set up a night-light in his room. So we bought one for him, and well it doesn't really help, because he just stays awake because he loves the night-light so much and  is looking at how cool the light is. It will probably be more effective once he gets a little older, and once he gets over the novelty of a cool glowing light in his room.

I'm excited that we bought it for him though because we are going camping next Saturday for two weeks, and I think that a night light for him in the tent will really help, I hope, we took him camping last year at this time, but he was so young, and would sleep anywhere, I have a feeling this time may be a bit more challenging.

I also wanted to share about this night light as well because I love it (I bought it myself and thought I would share because it is awesome!). It is by a company called Kinder-Glo and it is in the shape of a T-Rex (you can get other shapes and animals too). It has some cool features, like it isn't hot to touch, it is cordless, bpa free (Ezra likes to put it in his mouth) and it changes colours. Ezra carries it around and makes "ROARing" noises at it, it is pretty darn cute.

Karen xx 
5 comments on "A new dislike for bedtime "
  1. oh gosh, how cute is he!? Bed time was a struggle for us for SO LONG! I think I must have blocked those years (yes years!) out of my mind, now that it is all good. Fingers crossed it is a phase that passes quickly. One thing I know helped for us was establishing a routine - dinner, bath, PJ's, 5-10 minutes TV for e.g. 1 octonauts episode), 2 books, tuck-in, lights out. Every.single.day. Good luck!

  2. Oh my what a cutie. We love the blog and the pictures.

  3. I'm hoping we are not moving into the struggle years. We've had the routine since he was about 3 months old, but suddenly he is bucking the system!! Eeek here's to hoping it is just those darn teeth!

  4. Thank you for visiting!! Glad you like it, I'm loving the T-Rex!!

  5. What a great night light !!!
    It's so hard when they are in a routine and then get out of it. K pretty much slept through from about 3 weeks. Then she started teething when she was about 14 months (yes she was very late and we actually took her to the dentist because we were worried she was going to be gummy for the rest of her life !!!) - and we had months of broken sleep - it nearly killed us !!!!
    Good luck with getting it sorted out soon.
    Have a great day and thanks for popping by my blog - really appreciate you leaving a comment !