An Almost 1 year old

Friday, June 20, 2014

Next week my baby girl turns one!!
WHAT!!! I can hear you gasping from here! Oh wow, this year has gone fast. She's almost a toddler and no longer my little baby.

I definitely have not had the same amount of quiet, gazing into my baby's eyes moments that I did with Ezra. Life is full of chaos and something is always on the go. I will admit, it is nice to have one day a week where Ez goes to play school and I can have some one on one Willow time! Although, mostly she is bored because she doesn't have her older brother around to entertain her! And, that is one awesome thing about having a second baby, you don't have to do ALL of the entertaining ALL of the time! There is a whirlwind of toddler action going on around her! Today I found them playing in the spare room, Ez lying in the pram bassinet on the floor and Willow climbing up on it and then body slamming him, I left them to it, and had a cup of tea. It was quite relaxing!

Her personality is really shining through, and I'll tell you, this girl is feisty!! She know how to stick up for herself and if you steal one of her toys you will hear her wrath! She has a grip so strong, probably developed to stop an older brother taking toys off of her! And she will fight him for it, and boy she is determined! If there is something she wants, she will just keep on trying to get to it, nothing will distract her.

I mean, apart from food, she'll drop anything at the sight of food! Some mornings she eats more breakfast than anyone! She's an eater, although meal time is rather strategic, either it is finger food, which I'm a big fan of, or she HAS to have the bowl on her tray table, and she HAS to have her own spoon, which is great because she is soo good at feeding herself with a spoon already!

She is just learning to walk, and its such a fun time in a child's development, such a big milestone, I get so excited for her! Her max is about 4 steps at a time, but generally she takes about 2 steps and then flings herself into a belly flop on the ground and then thinks its hilarious! She's a joker, anything for a laugh, so she becomes more interested in the laughs than learning to walk!

It is pretty amazing the second time around to have a child who actually sits still and plays with toys. Ez is my beautiful wild-child, and he was so full on from the day he could crawl (5 1/2 months) and then he was walking at 10 months, and he was into Everything and never stopped and NEVER played with his own toys and was like a baby tornado! But Willow will sit there putting blocks into a bucket and then taking them out again for like 15 minutes, I cleaned the bathroom today whilst she opened and closed a small cupboard door putting things in and out!!!!! WHAT! Amazing!

Anyway. 1 year. Where does it go. Life zooms past.
I'm trying to get things together for her party, but theres so much going on at the moment I am not even organised at all!!

Trying on shoes at the Mini Melissa Animal Lovers Launch Party at M Dreams the other week! (I chose the blue Rabbits)
Such a cheeky chops!!

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  1. Beautiful! Congratulations on making through the year - Mr Moo is now 14 months and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I wonder (being almost 6 months pregnant) what baby number two's personality will be like.